27 May 2018

Its been two weeks...

The house is under construction... kinda. I'm opening up a few walls. We have fully moved the whole kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom into the new house. The games, hobby stuff, a few outside odds and ends, last of the books, and all of my second job stuff is still on hold.

Last week I finally took the plunge into Overwatch. I loved Team Fortress 2 and I do like my arena style shooters for quick games to fill in the time when I'm not feeling like being a passive observer with a TV show or when painting and hobbies is too much. They are quick and I can stop at anytime... once a match is finished.

Since it launched I've been looking at what character I could play and would want to play. Do I want to be a Sniper a favorite roll I play in Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six (the older games not the current ones) Battlefield  and FarCry. Do I want to play an assaulter - get in, hit hard, get out and get dug in. I play this is Splinter Cell Coop. I loved playing a support healer in Battlefield running into fire and healing folks. Tanking is something I do but I prefer to only do that in RTS games.

After some thought I decided I would play Reaper, followed but Hanzo/Genji, and when better set Sombra. It's been seven days and I finally feel like a competent Reaper. I react well to new maps and I'm comfortable in familiar maps and game types. I've got a groove and it recently paid off with my best Reaper play yet. I played the first round with some new characters be we were soundly beaten - so I went back to Reaper and well see below...

Not bad huh?

Well today Lady Bear and I will go see Solo. I'll then head off to get some tools from Red and link with with Wolf and show them my projects. I'll get advice before heading off and picking up the wood I need for my two projects that I'm planning to assemble tomorrow as the HVAC, AC, and Water Tanks get installed.

I'm really happy with how things are shaping up around the house. I like what I'm watching on TV - Brooklin 99 Season 5! With some more demos, I'll be set to start building in the games room.

Things are coming up Dozer and family. Hope you all are having a great day.

- Cheers


17 May 2018



I just signed the petition, “Amazon or Netflix, please buy the rights to The Expanse - #SaveTheExpanse.”

I love this show.

Here’s the link if you wana help out.

- Cheers


15 May 2018

Bears own a Home

Yep that is now a thing - we the Bears own a small little home.

After dealing with a shit Mortgage broker, a brilliant lawyer, and a the seller who left the place in a shitty state of cleanliness with cat hair everywhere - we own a house.

We're setting it up and getting it ready.

- Cheers


11 May 2018

Lets talk about writing.

I like to write. I don't do enough of it but part of the upcoming year to to focus some of my time back on writing. I've mentioned in the past that I'm drafting a novel. I have a few loaded but only one is in the chamber. Once the new house is setup, I'll be putting down in my google calendar a dedicated time everyday to write.

I need to once more take on the discipline and make instead of just consuming. I need to take advantage of the time. I need to stop fucking around and get some more words on paper. Life is finally getting back into a pace again - it will never settle. Life does not settle, that's part of the experience.

I've got a house coming up. I've got some minis to paint and build. I've got a vacation coming up in August. Fuck it - lets talk about August.

In August I will be going to southern Ontario to visit friends and family. Late Friday 27 July Lady Bear and I will be going south. Over the next four days we will visit friends and family. On the morning of 1 August we will cross into Rebel American Colonies (aka US of A) and head to GENCON. On the 5 August when folks leave we will move to a spot in the city to rest and relax the following Monday. Our evening will end with a concert and we will have started to relax. The next morning 7 August we will exfil back into Canada and take refuge at a cottage between the border and Ottawa. I expect will will head home on 10 August and spend the weekend catching up with folks at home.

Sounds like a fun time. A few days sitting around at a cottage relaxing and playing with some new toys picked up at GENCON. I would also like to be ready to do some heavy writing work for each morning between breakfast and lunch while we rest. For that to happen I need to train up and re-establish the discipline.

I may post some excerpts here and there depending on how comfortable I feel about the work. Thats for me to figure out at a later time. Now I just need to get back into the groove and simply start writing again.

- Cheers


3 May 2018

I'm back and home is gone be busy

Hello people life has been busy and after 8 months of travel I am finally home! Tomorrow is Lady Bear's birthday and outside of some fancy headphones I picked up for her on my travels, my gift will be hanging out with her on Saturday all day. Not a hard thing for me to do since I really want to do that since I miss the shit out of my life partner.

I'm burnt out and I need the rest so getting time to post here has been a hard thing to do when I want to do is after a day of work veg and pass out on the couch at home, wake up, eat, then go back to bed. I have zero energy - I can't even find juice to play video games for longer than an hour...

So the next two weeks are going to be about me resting... and stress.

The image above reminds me of the next two weeks. You see over the next two weeks Lady Bear and I will be finalizing the details and administration of our Mid May life purchase as we enter the home owners club. So the rest idea is gone or very limited...

So over the next few weeks, I'll be putting down short posts here and there until we settle into the new house.

Wish us luck. See you on the flipside.