24 Feb 2018

Where did you go Dozer?

So I'm in Montreal once again. In a normally two hour drive from Ottawa to Montreal it took me just over three hours. A failing GPS, a fucked up mess of highway names in a rats nest of major freeways, and Montreal traffic... made that difference.

I was home in Ottawa for 20 hours before I came into Montreal. Before Ottawa I was in Halifax for two weeks. In total since the first week of October I've been on the road for 14 weeks out 22. It took me a spread sheet to figure that out. I was lucky to have four weeks back in Dec-Jan but that was a pure fluke and my project ran out of funds because its not cheep to have a worker on the road for 8 weeks out of 11.

To be honest I've never had an issue with not being home but now that I'm not a me and my other half is at home... it's been a challenge sometimes. Now the travel is not difficult and the job is just a grind but no one is shooting at me at when I get back to the hotel at night I'm safe and sound... the issue is I'm feeling a bit burnt at the edges.

I'm mentally and socially tapped out at the end of everyday. I try to be productive and I've had a few successes but as the weeks started to add up its become harder. Now there are a few factors. Shit food, eating out for eight solid weeks is not healthy unless you can find a healthy spot to eat. Not always an options depending on my hours at that location. Also there is a big social aspect to my job and that means going out with folks; co-workers, bosses, VIP's, etc...

Some places have gyms and those that do may not have the gym gear I want or need. I've put on way too much weight over the last 5 months of on and off travel. I've found a easy work out routine for my mornings and it should be easy but it's been hard to get done - telling me just how far I am out of shape. It feels good to be active again and I hope to ramp it up bit by bit.

It's hard for me to hobby or do anything other than TV or video games. Sometimes, I've been lucky to sync my schedule with some game shop activities but there way too many misses.

So I'm sorry for being away. This is not the only blog I've ignored over the last couple of weeks. I'm just out of juice and doing the work solo makes it hard to keep going.

I'll try to get back on the horse but be patient with me as I struggle to simply not veg when I get back to my hotel.