4 Oct 2018

Youtube Check in

I spend a lot of time on youtube. There is a ton of content here to scratch my itch, from short bite pieces, to longer full length documentaries.

Here is a sample of what got my attention in the last couple of weeks.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - Tactical Legacy Pack Overview

Well XCOM 2 I've only beaten you once and it hasnt been with the mutiple DLCs that I've picked up. Even with all the travel it's been hard for me to drop back into the game and devote that much time to a single thing. This looks like it may bring me back.

Captain America - Faith

Hulk is my favorite Marvel Comics character. I am a fan of Captain America but understand that being a fan of a character that's been around for thousands of stories over dozens of years is blanket statement. Their a bad stories and good stories but the essence of the character is what sticks.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Captain Steve Rogers is my favorite take on the character. His faith in people ... is what I think we need more of.

I am not a citizen of a the United States of America but I am their neighbor. They have a lot going on right now and it's sometimes very hard to watch. Watching this made me think that I was not the only one feeling the way I was and there are still folks next door who want to do better.

Former president Obama speaks at the University of Illinois

Dungeons & Dragons: Snowflake Edition

Being sensitive to folks is a good thing, letting folks use that good will to support an ego driven destructive desire is lame.

(animated D&D 5E) Haste!

Dungeons and Dragons is a staple in my library of games. This guy does some great videos on the game and really breaks down the excitement and the fun of the game.

Transparent Aluminum - Star Trek Technology is now Real

This is very neat and I really like when I see technology changes and evolves.

See you all next time

- Cheers


28 Sep 2018

I'm back

I'm back - sorta. 

It's been a long while. I moved to a new home, I ran an Infinity event in Ottawa, I visited GENCON, Got close to tornadoes, I'm looking at new work... It's been very busy.

The news tells me the world is a bit of a shit storm right now. Folks on TV and on Youtube are upset over this and that. I'm not marginalizing the issues, I just have the time or energy to address each one here - there are other places that do the better job. 

Here as some of my favorite words that I look at to feel a bit better.

I'm not sure on when the next post will be but at least I have something nice up until that happens.

- Cheers


17 Jul 2018

Capital Conflict 2018

Seriously this has been an interesting week after a few interesting weeks.

Capital Conflict is back. Capital Conflict is also an Infinity Tournament that I host for players from all around Canada but most come from Ottawa. As of this post we're looking at getting to my optimal 16 players. We have 11 fully registered via google forms and waiting on three more to fill out their stuff. I'm two players away from having to start worrying about tables. My max is 24 players and that number is a bit nerve wracking for my second event as I don't want to ever sour the community.

I have three tables, Ontos has three tables we can do 12 players... with some tables from some other folks who have 2-4 tables suddenly we're doing well again. Add in the need and you can start hitting up the meta playing locations to lend us their stuff and we're good. So tables is something I'm not worried about.

I have both packages of prizes coming in; Alpha Terrain and Every Little War have shipped the prize support. Our local shop is looking at supporting us and figuring out what they hand out. Depending on the number of players will determine an order of food and maybe some extra terrain.

Running the event is easy with Lady Bear giving me a hand. She helps pick up the food and keep things running facility wise while I work the tables and dish out rulings. Molotov will be doing her thing using Pale Rider's camera taking fancy ass pictures for the event to be posted on Facebook.

I also will be using google forms to pull all the results with lessons learned from last Rumble on Route 66. Google forms has been a learning experience and I'm going to keep using it. I need to sort out a few options on the registration form but it will now be a better experience for my players.

So far so good...

- Cheers


11 Jul 2018

We are back to One

For over a year I've been working on two blogs - this one and the one I ran with a few mates when they had time to hand up some posts. It's not dead but it's in stasis. Until I get more folks to regularly contribute my efforts there have come to an end.

This changes things for me. For one I've not been posting anything here about anything on the table, it was everything but the gaming on the table. I did that so I could use the other blog as a focus for that part of my life and focus on more detailed posts on different subjects. As that is not longer the case I will return to writing about the table here.

Also working only one blog focuses my efforts one a single point in this case this very blog.

I have a lot on my plate right now and this season has not been easy. New house, house renos, GENCON, Capital Conflict 2018, my back, my family... also it's summer I want to enjoy the not winter. So Posts will be coming back slowly into a regular schedule.

I'm here and I'm back posting.

- Cheers


20 Jun 2018

Where are we now?

Well it's been quite a ride over the last month.

G7 and Political stuff happened. Charles Krauthammer has announced his terminal state. E3 happened and there was plenty there for me to enjoy. The move goes on and nears it's end. A bout of gout and slipped disks plague me even today making the move to the new home more interesting. A mate from Rumble lost his sister and another friend from work lost a father.

It's been interesting.

I'll have a post come Canada Day.

- Cheers


27 May 2018

Its been two weeks...

The house is under construction... kinda. I'm opening up a few walls. We have fully moved the whole kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom into the new house. The games, hobby stuff, a few outside odds and ends, last of the books, and all of my second job stuff is still on hold.

Last week I finally took the plunge into Overwatch. I loved Team Fortress 2 and I do like my arena style shooters for quick games to fill in the time when I'm not feeling like being a passive observer with a TV show or when painting and hobbies is too much. They are quick and I can stop at anytime... once a match is finished.

Since it launched I've been looking at what character I could play and would want to play. Do I want to be a Sniper a favorite roll I play in Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six (the older games not the current ones) Battlefield  and FarCry. Do I want to play an assaulter - get in, hit hard, get out and get dug in. I play this is Splinter Cell Coop. I loved playing a support healer in Battlefield running into fire and healing folks. Tanking is something I do but I prefer to only do that in RTS games.

After some thought I decided I would play Reaper, followed but Hanzo/Genji, and when better set Sombra. It's been seven days and I finally feel like a competent Reaper. I react well to new maps and I'm comfortable in familiar maps and game types. I've got a groove and it recently paid off with my best Reaper play yet. I played the first round with some new characters be we were soundly beaten - so I went back to Reaper and well see below...

Not bad huh?

Well today Lady Bear and I will go see Solo. I'll then head off to get some tools from Red and link with with Wolf and show them my projects. I'll get advice before heading off and picking up the wood I need for my two projects that I'm planning to assemble tomorrow as the HVAC, AC, and Water Tanks get installed.

I'm really happy with how things are shaping up around the house. I like what I'm watching on TV - Brooklin 99 Season 5! With some more demos, I'll be set to start building in the games room.

Things are coming up Dozer and family. Hope you all are having a great day.

- Cheers


17 May 2018



I just signed the petition, “Amazon or Netflix, please buy the rights to The Expanse - #SaveTheExpanse.”

I love this show.

Here’s the link if you wana help out.

- Cheers


15 May 2018

Bears own a Home

Yep that is now a thing - we the Bears own a small little home.

After dealing with a shit Mortgage broker, a brilliant lawyer, and a the seller who left the place in a shitty state of cleanliness with cat hair everywhere - we own a house.

We're setting it up and getting it ready.

- Cheers


11 May 2018

Lets talk about writing.

I like to write. I don't do enough of it but part of the upcoming year to to focus some of my time back on writing. I've mentioned in the past that I'm drafting a novel. I have a few loaded but only one is in the chamber. Once the new house is setup, I'll be putting down in my google calendar a dedicated time everyday to write.

I need to once more take on the discipline and make instead of just consuming. I need to take advantage of the time. I need to stop fucking around and get some more words on paper. Life is finally getting back into a pace again - it will never settle. Life does not settle, that's part of the experience.

I've got a house coming up. I've got some minis to paint and build. I've got a vacation coming up in August. Fuck it - lets talk about August.

In August I will be going to southern Ontario to visit friends and family. Late Friday 27 July Lady Bear and I will be going south. Over the next four days we will visit friends and family. On the morning of 1 August we will cross into Rebel American Colonies (aka US of A) and head to GENCON. On the 5 August when folks leave we will move to a spot in the city to rest and relax the following Monday. Our evening will end with a concert and we will have started to relax. The next morning 7 August we will exfil back into Canada and take refuge at a cottage between the border and Ottawa. I expect will will head home on 10 August and spend the weekend catching up with folks at home.

Sounds like a fun time. A few days sitting around at a cottage relaxing and playing with some new toys picked up at GENCON. I would also like to be ready to do some heavy writing work for each morning between breakfast and lunch while we rest. For that to happen I need to train up and re-establish the discipline.

I may post some excerpts here and there depending on how comfortable I feel about the work. Thats for me to figure out at a later time. Now I just need to get back into the groove and simply start writing again.

- Cheers


3 May 2018

I'm back and home is gone be busy

Hello people life has been busy and after 8 months of travel I am finally home! Tomorrow is Lady Bear's birthday and outside of some fancy headphones I picked up for her on my travels, my gift will be hanging out with her on Saturday all day. Not a hard thing for me to do since I really want to do that since I miss the shit out of my life partner.

I'm burnt out and I need the rest so getting time to post here has been a hard thing to do when I want to do is after a day of work veg and pass out on the couch at home, wake up, eat, then go back to bed. I have zero energy - I can't even find juice to play video games for longer than an hour...

So the next two weeks are going to be about me resting... and stress.

The image above reminds me of the next two weeks. You see over the next two weeks Lady Bear and I will be finalizing the details and administration of our Mid May life purchase as we enter the home owners club. So the rest idea is gone or very limited...

So over the next few weeks, I'll be putting down short posts here and there until we settle into the new house.

Wish us luck. See you on the flipside.


6 Apr 2018

Changes are good

Dozer`s Notes: I know there are no new posts expected until 30 April but this caused an itch that I had to scratch. 

Games change. Sometimes games change because developers come and go. Other times it can be based on feedback from the player community. There are a whole slew of reasons games change post launch.

Mass Effect 3 is last big name game that got a huge change post launch based on player feedback. As a player who didn't mind the original ending, I feel it did miss some opportunities as we completed the game. That sense of being cheated was not present in my sole play though of the final game of the series. I just haven't had enough time to go through it again my other characters or even finish my posts of my current walk through. I will go back to it and I will try out that new ending and I will finish my other characters.

Now last year Middle Earth: Shadow of War was released. I was a fan of the first game of the series, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. When I heard we we're going back and this time with an army recruited with Ghost powers I was interested. It did lack recruitment of non-Orc/Troll/Goblin races which was a miss in my opinion but the 'nemesis' system looked like it was more robust with enemies now coming back with a grudge or even former allies returning as enemies. The world looked larger but more importantly it looked like it had more detail, something that the previous world lacked. The skill tree and upgrade systems were by the numbers and in some cases lackluster. All in all I had a lot of fun with Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, even though it was an good game that only got scores of an above average game because of the nemesis system and neat use of powers.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War was haunted but the same pros and cons, and micro transactions. Reviews were as expected but in the end I didn't pick it up. There was plenty for me to do video game wise and I've always disliked the idea of micro transactions. When I came upon Kotaku posting this item on Middle Earth: Shadow of War, I was interested again.

A change was made to remove the micro transactions. Wow! It also means that some characters will be gained through missions or interesting events instead of paying for it with real world money.

I like this change.

- Back to my absence.


3 Apr 2018

I'm 38 but I feel like 37 and a half

I've lost seven months.

Hence I've not been online much. Only recently have I started posting again for Canadian Tabletop Gamer. Tomorrow I am 38 years old but I don't feel like I lived a full seven out of twelve months with all the traveling I've done. Not nice explore the area traveling, no I've been stuck in hotel, work odd hours traveling.

I've got one more trip to go. On Sunday I go do my other job for two weeks and I'm almost ready to go. I may have another week long trip on Toronto but that's a simple trip and easy job. Afterwards we're looking at end of April and start of May.

To avoid feeling idle I'm looking at getting some new quals to update my CV. I'm going to close on a house so I will now be a home owner and I'll finally be setting up for a long haul. I'm working a project with my cousin Charging Pun and we're really excited about it.

I'm also looking at another project once the summer has calmed down and things are in order in the house. These things are a new bathroom, moving the HVac and water tank - also to be replaced with on demand tankless, and building the new lab.

I've got a few ideas and I want to make sure I have time for them all.

The awesome part is - I'm having ideas again. I was, still a bit worn from all the travel. Lucky for me with family and friends I've been able to avoid much of the hardships.

Here is a promise - April 30 I will be back with a new post. While away on course for 2 weeks I will not have regular access to Internets. So no use in saying I'll be ready to go now that it's April. Instead lets aim for realistic.

- Cheers


24 Feb 2018

Where did you go Dozer?

So I'm in Montreal once again. In a normally two hour drive from Ottawa to Montreal it took me just over three hours. A failing GPS, a fucked up mess of highway names in a rats nest of major freeways, and Montreal traffic... made that difference.

I was home in Ottawa for 20 hours before I came into Montreal. Before Ottawa I was in Halifax for two weeks. In total since the first week of October I've been on the road for 14 weeks out 22. It took me a spread sheet to figure that out. I was lucky to have four weeks back in Dec-Jan but that was a pure fluke and my project ran out of funds because its not cheep to have a worker on the road for 8 weeks out of 11.

To be honest I've never had an issue with not being home but now that I'm not a me and my other half is at home... it's been a challenge sometimes. Now the travel is not difficult and the job is just a grind but no one is shooting at me at when I get back to the hotel at night I'm safe and sound... the issue is I'm feeling a bit burnt at the edges.

I'm mentally and socially tapped out at the end of everyday. I try to be productive and I've had a few successes but as the weeks started to add up its become harder. Now there are a few factors. Shit food, eating out for eight solid weeks is not healthy unless you can find a healthy spot to eat. Not always an options depending on my hours at that location. Also there is a big social aspect to my job and that means going out with folks; co-workers, bosses, VIP's, etc...

Some places have gyms and those that do may not have the gym gear I want or need. I've put on way too much weight over the last 5 months of on and off travel. I've found a easy work out routine for my mornings and it should be easy but it's been hard to get done - telling me just how far I am out of shape. It feels good to be active again and I hope to ramp it up bit by bit.

It's hard for me to hobby or do anything other than TV or video games. Sometimes, I've been lucky to sync my schedule with some game shop activities but there way too many misses.

So I'm sorry for being away. This is not the only blog I've ignored over the last couple of weeks. I'm just out of juice and doing the work solo makes it hard to keep going.

I'll try to get back on the horse but be patient with me as I struggle to simply not veg when I get back to my hotel.



30 Jan 2018

More Ant Man now with Wasp


Marvel has been doing a great job with it's smaller less iconic group of characters. Guardians of the Galaxy are now a house hold name. Star Lord stuff is everywhere - not Vance Astro but I'm being picky. You have Groot as a meme making machine and everyone loves the foul mouthed racoon with the guns and bombs.

Ant Man was another property that Marvel was able to do something with that no one expected. They could have gone dark and gloomy ala DC's extended universe but they kept it fun. Not light when you think about what's going one but they kept it fun.

Black Panther is about to get his first film in two weeks and I'm really looking forward to seeing him do his thing solo. Knowing a Marvel film is due also means sets of new Marvel Trailers are also due out soon.

Getting back to my hotel room boy was I happy to see this trailer.

First thing I want to recognize is Hope Pym. She rocked in the last film and I'm glad Evangeline Lilly has got another action role. She did a great job in the Hobbit series of films and I'm glad she's getting more action roles. 

Second thing I noticed was the call back to Captain America: Civil War and the repercussions of Scott Getting involved with the fighting. He is not alone and putting Hank and Hope on the lamb because of Scott's actions makes it feel a little grounded for a film about people that get super big and really tiny. 

Last thing I love Ghost's look in the film. It's modern and not a grumpy evil version of Tony Stark. Instead it looks like they will run Ghost as a some sort of super thief - a format for the character that doesn't get used as much as you'd think. I'm glad they are play Ghost this way. 

Intangibility is also one of my top five super powers and there are plenty of creative uses for the power. Ant Man was really good at doing some neat things with the shrinking power and it seems per the trailer that the creative use of the powers have not been exhausted. Doing the same thing with intangibility can end up looking damn slick and I hope we something akin to the X2 Nightcrawler scene below.

Lost of chances here and the trailer at the top is showing me they are using each one for another fun film. Keep it up Marvel I'm still watching and it's obvious I'm not alone.

- Cheers


21 Jan 2018

21 days in

This year has been a tornado of activity and it's only been 21 days. I'm in Victoria, BC ending my first of three weeks living here for my job. Work wise this has been the best of the trips so far and I'm not only making mention of the brilliant weather and great views. The clients have been very receptive and positive where in some of my previous visits it has been a less receptive reaction from the local client.

I've had some time to focus on what I'm doing and how I've been spending my time. Right now I'm getting close to 13 April the one year anniversary of the other site I work on; Canadian Tabletop Gamer. It's a place I put together that focuses on tabletop gaming and something my friends could help out with. Well being away and everyone also being busy has led to me writing most of the posts in the last couple of months. Not a bad thing but getting closer to the one year mark I'm taking note if this does what I want it to do.

The idea behind the site was to work on my writing style and clean it up. I spent more time editing myself there than I have here. I focused more on the quality of the work and the writing. Some posts I'm happy about and some I am not. I tried out some new ideas like walking through character creation for a role playing game or visiting the local game stores while I criss cross the country. Both series of posts have been great fun to work on even if the traffic is low.

Honestly the traffic for the whole site is very low. I'm ok with that. What I am not ok with is wasting the time if it is not leading to something and that's were reflection comes into play. When I get to 13 April 2018 will I decide to keep working on it or close it down into something else.

Canadian Tabletop Gamer was a reboot of parts of what I'm doing here in tandem with an exercise of branding. I may have aimed to high and the quality of the posts are not always to my liking but thats the ok part when you start something new.

I'm still hopeful that it will go past the one year mark but it will depend on other folks contributing instead of just me. That's where I am standing now and I may be somewhere different at the year mark.

Outside of that project I have six chapters of a first draft of my first novel. I've never gotten this far before and I took a break over the winter holidays. I'm eager to get back to work and pound out some work. I'm not sure if it will ever get published but I may do it myself if I want, I'm not sure but it's been fun writing it so far. I've never walked so close to this dream and it feels good working to fulfill it.

I've got a short story in me right now that may take up some time next week. I'm gona scratch some things out and see if it's worth the time working on it. So far my last couple years of writing have been non-existent or very rewarding. I'm really hoping it's the second thing.

Video game wise I've played through Dying Light as well as Hitman and both have been great time sinks. Battle Chasers: Nightwar has also been fun and I look forward to chilling on my couch to put some more time into those games. Right now the only video game I'm really looking forward to is FarCry 5. I've also put some time in on Hearthstone but I'm being very casual about it.

On my film viewing, Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War are both on my list for this spring along with Solo. Alita: Battle Angel, Sicario 2: Soldado, and Super Troopers 2 are also on a short list. Most of the films I'm eager to see are films I missed last year.

I've got two non work trips, Rumble on Route 66 and GENCON 51. Both are about my gaming hobby and I'm ok with that but I think this year will be the last year I delve this deep in hobby travel. Next year I'd like to travel to the UK with my wife and Japan the following year.

All of this is nothing to what comes in May. I will be a home owner alongside my life partner and wife.

This is year is 21 days in and I'm already looking forward to September.

- Cheers