30 Jul 2017

Don't fight a Griffin

So this is a funny aside that got me thinking and ended up having go down a youtube rabbit hole of cartoon violence.

Family Guy really got my attention with the first fight sequence between Peter and the Chicken per the youtube video below.

Since that epic fight it has become a running joke of Peter having elaborate fights with the Chicken. There are quite a few and we're left hanging with the last one ending up in space.

No matter the length or complexity of the fight, Peter Griffin shows himself to be a most capable fighter. As if my irony the most lazy and stupid person in the world is it's greatest hand to hand combatant. Now this makes sense as Lois herself once trained becomes a great fighter in her own right and she in the cartoon world would pick a partner who could match and compliment her skills and talents.

So Lois and Peter are great fighters. Stewie has always had a violent streak. What about Meg and Chris. Meg is easy after a short period of time in jail she herself becomes very dangerous.

Chris does take on Peter and wins very quickly.

This idea that I've had floating around is best shown when Meg and Chris take on their whole school.

So with all this evidence the dumb funny family of american late night cartoons that is the most dangerous is the Griffins.

Don't fuck with them people - they will fuck with you.

- Cheers