2 Jun 2017

Since Firefly was no more

I've not felt this way since Firefly, that sci-fi western in space by Joss Whedon, was cancelled. Few TV shows grasp me in a way that Firefly did. When TV shows are cancelled I tend to not give it more thought and allow the more jaded side of me to take over. Understanding that entertainment needs to be paid for allows me to ignore when TV Shows or Films mid production are cancelled.

There is one caveat: If the show is good I will care.

Sense8 was the best thing on TV since Firefly. It was engaging with a strong plot and interesting story development. It had developed characters that were given times to shine. It was progressive with litter of characters from all walks of life, places on the planet, and different sexualities. We had straight and gay characters. We had men, women, and transgender characters. It was created and written by some of my favorite artists of the medium: The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski.

Good TV, that is TV worth investing in, is hard to find. Sense8 is a hard pill to swallow for some. It was expensive both in costs and time. It was too 'different' for some viewers. It demanded creative thinking from the audience. Alas those harder parts made the show fantastic and wonderful.

Who cares if it was progressive, it was good. Who cares if it took a long time to make it was quality TV. Who cares it was costly... well in this case Netflix did.

Netflix is not perfect but so far they have yet to let me down with their original content. War Machine with Brad Pitt is on my list to watch. iBoy was really well done. Hemlock Grove was a slow burn that tickled my interest as I go back to it over and over again, take a slow bit at a time. House of Cards started off strong while Spacey and Wright are so good they keep me coming back. The Marvel series like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones have been awesome and Iron Fist was the sole property that has stumbled (not a failure - just not the same standard) so far.

It's sad that the numbers took Sense8... sad and ironic since one of the primary themes of series is doing things out of fear or bad business instead of keeping your humanity, your social connections - doing things because it's right.

- Cheers