10 May 2017

Why so busy

Well I've been very sparse with my content here.

1. My day job has gone up to 11.

2. My second job has gone up to 11 for the final end of year push then it went back up to 11. - See image below
North Eastern Ontario and Southern Quebec
Have lots of Water
[Image: Global News]
3. Wife's birthday - always a source of stress.*

4. Mother's day - another source of stress.*

5. Infinity Event on 27 May.

6. Money - because our budget changed

7. A 10 week night course - I'm in week 5.

8. Editing the Canadian Tabletop Gamer project.

So there I've been busy.

I want to talk about Mass Effect: Andromeda, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, other movies I want to see, Sense8 season 2 - instead all I can hear is Denzel.

* lacking in many social graces it is a constant effort to make sure the people that are important to me are not disappointed.

- Cheers