26 May 2017

Equal Ice Cream?

In Canada Ben and Jerry's is a brand of ice cream that you can get at our local grocer.

Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins are the more common ice cream shops. In quite a few DQ shut down during the 6 months of winter that takes over Canada every year.

Now I like me some ice cream and Ben and Jerry's is one of the brands that Lady Bear picks up when we want a treat... it rarely stays long as I eat it.

Then one day I read this...

Seems that Ben and Jerry's has decided to make a point. No order of two scoops can be of the same ice cream until the Australian Government allows for same sex marriage.

I like the take on the issue, it's clever. I find it dumb that same sex marriage is still an issue, but then there are a few things I dislike about Australia. This would be another to my short list of cons from costly travel, expensive food, and internet censorship.

This does not surprise me as Ben Cohen is known for his activism. He's founded Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities, spearheads Stamp the Stampede, and was arrested along side (co-founder) Jerry Greenfield at the Democracy Spring protests.

So same sex marriage is still a thing and instead of being normal. Australia is getting shamed by Ice Cream. Those two Americans with lots of money and lots to say are calling out another thing they don't like.

Awesome day so far.

- Cheers