25 Mar 2017

@ the Rumble 17 - part 2

This was supposed to be a series of posts while I played but a few things happened.

1. I lost all my matches.
2. I was having too much fun.
3. PC and Internet access was limited at best.

Here is the breakdown

My first game was Rescue with Ian. This mission is a difficult mission but I always find it to be very rewarding. I decided to use my two Ninja Hackers to get in close to the HVT while my Oniwaban goes on a rampage to disrupt Ian's advance. The crux was my full link team of Domaru led by Neiko who would move forward like a wave and be the focus of Ian's efforts. Then my dice failed me... "with rather unfortunate dice on his end" as Ian wrote on Facebook.

Well my Domaru failed to keep up pressure and my Ninja were unable to make a single kill. The worst was my Oniwaban who was to be my ace in the hole to be a second turn surprise and start causing havoc. My Oniwaban was quickly found with a critical sensor roll and he died trying to take on Ian's forces. In the end he jumped his way into the difficult terrain and snagged 9-0 in objective points. I had a good game even though I was in retreat meaning I had less than a quarter in army points while Ian has a full 300 points.
It's my first turn and Ian has already started to kick my ass
Kevin was my second opponent and the first to bring US Ariadna against my Japanese Sectorial Army. I lost every face to face roll but two of them. Kevin was a tough opponent and he felt bad about the way the dice were going. I gave him a fight but it was a one sided fight - I challenged each advance and made him fight for each inch he took. Too bad I lost each one. I had a good match but by now I was considering that my time at the Rumble was going to go poorly.  Lucky for me Kevin was a awesome player and we got a fucking great table to play on. We had gun fights in a train yard and it really inspired me to get off my ass and pick up a train set - once I finish painting the rest of my stuff.

Taking on Kevin
My last play and best game of the day was with Patrick who played US Ariadna. Now Patrick was an awesome opponent and a he gave me a portion of his prize at the end of the event. I really enjoyed playing Patrick it ended with his winning but I had a Domaru with her back to the wall and Boarding Shotgun with 18 downed units - mine and his, holding her position and killing everything around her. I had other moments where a Hardcase and Ninja both armed with tactical bows had a shoot out at less than an inch and it was awesome. "It was awesome" is used to describe most of the match and it fell really good at the end of a long day of losses.

It was a fire fight - with Bows
Day one ended with me in last place with only 198 victory points out of 900, only 1 objective points across three games, and 0 tournament points.

The second day was Tye - who is also Kevin's own father and my third US Ariadna player. We played Highly Classified and it was a very dynamic and cinematic game. I earned a few objective points. Having my Aragoto Hacker get off his bike, jump and fence, and coup-de-grace a Blackjack was one of the many awesome moments. We had a Ninja get into a fight with an Unknown Ranger, who also may have turned a small room into a shooting gallery.

Round 4 with Tye
My second game of the day and first Nomad player was with Joe the owner of Fate and Fury Games who set up shop during the tournament. Our game was the most chaotic and violent out of all the games we both had. Joe was awesome and we made the most noise on our line of tables.

Round 5 Chaos with Joe
My last match was with Jeremy who brought Haqqislam and I didn't take any images. He was a great opponent and he ruined me but it was worth the match. I really liked playing Jeremy and as much as he kicked my ass he was gentile and plenty of fun.

The two days of games was brilliant. More about the Rumble later.

- Cheers