17 Mar 2017

@ the Rumble 17 - part 1

So Lady Bear and I have arrived in New Mexico and so far the event has been pretty fucking slick.

Met some awesome folks, hung out with Ian who will be my first opponent, and help set up some tables.

I snagged my swag early - was the first in line. I got drunk with one of the TOs - Seth. I hung out with Oren and his fiance from Israel, two folks from Edmonton Alberta, and a bunch of others... seriously good folk so far looking forward to today's games.

I've also been lumped in with the other two Canadians, Oren, and the guy (yet to meet him) from Sweeden. We five make up the O-12 team. There is a team from each state and us the international team. The top player from each team gets to walk away with a fancy group leader prize. I don't think I'll make it to the top but I'd love to be middle of the pack.

So I've got my coffee in hand, there is 15 mins before the room opens, and another 2 hours before the morning admin and the first of three rounds. I'm a happy fucker and I wish more of my mates were here with me at this thing. I'm glad Lady Bear came with me and that she'll be relaxing with a spa today and a bike tour tomorrow while I hit the tables.

Shout out to the folks from the Ottawa WIN (weekly infinity night): We may not play like we used to but hot fucking damn boys this is awesome. I've already volunteered at least one table for GENCON maybe we can do two.

To Doc, McGee, Ontos, Sergeant, and Mr Wolf. - wish you boys could be here.

- Cheers