13 Mar 2017

Ready to Rumble on Route 66: Part 6

Today is a bad day...

I'm so far behind. My Bakunin are not going to make it and I feel like I wasted all the time I had to prep something on a failed cause.

Lady Bear made tea. Alt-J's Summer Remix is playing in the background. I'm upset that my army will look like crap and I need to step away. Then she asks: "Why' not your Japanese?"

Untouched since they showed up to GENCON my Japanese Sectoral Army is my most painted force and looking at them now I feel like such a fucking fool.

OK - New Plan. That's what I'm good at...

Step 1: Build Lists
Step 2: Add more paint
Step 3: Pack them for the FUCKING RUMBLE ON ROUTE 66 - 2017! 'Cause for everyone else who may or may not read this - I'M GOING TO HAVE FUN! I will NINJA, I will BUSHI, Triangles are my FAVORITE SHAPE*, I will MECHA GESHA!


GENCON gets Bakunin.

Dozer is going to have fun and enjoy himself in spite of everyone else and that's another thing he is good at - doing things in spite of the fucking world.

- Cheers


*(stream of conscious writing does not work when tessellate is playing in the background)