12 Mar 2017

Ready to Rumble on Route 66: Part 5

Quick post as I'm busy as fuck. We lost an hour to daylight savings and I'm trying to catch up.

It's Sunday. I'm drinking Bridgehead Coffee and Beau's Lug Tread (Lagered Ale), chilling in the living room working on my minis. Moby my loyal pooch is next to me and Daft Punk (A favorite classical artist to the people of the Nomad Nation) is playing in the background.

I've got a game at 1230 today at Wizard Tower, which after this past couple of weeks is the only game I've been able to keep scheduled. Life got turned upside down around here with a bunch of folks needing help and I've had to can out of Doc and others who've offered up game times to my schedule. I wanted more time to paint and play as per my plan but that went right to hell with the way February went with both jobs.

Beasts of War has a great video with Carlos from Corvus Beli around minute 35 so I recomend you check it out if you're a fan of Infinity. I've posted it below for folks looking for some great news.

- Cheers