9 Mar 2017

Ready to Rumble on Route 66: Part 4

So I've got one list ready to roll and finally an evening to paint up some minis. More like base most of my minis but hey it's what happens when you have two jobs. 38+ hours at the day job, 48+ hours a the second job and you find yourself running out of time.

Before I go into today's post I want to say that Ethan Pearson painted the trophy for Rumble on Route 66: 2017 and posted it on Facebook. It's a custom build of Ko-Dali the symbol of Combined Armies power. Once a Yu-Jing character in the first edition, she was removed from their list and was reposted with new rules in N3 (you could play both in N2 for a time).

Talk about damn fine. The close up pics (which are not re-posted here) can be found on Facebook under the Rumble on Route 66 page.

So I need a second list for the event and with things being the way they are with ITS Season 8, TAGs are a thing. I've spoken about my favorite TAG here but there are two things against me. 1. I don't have one, and 2. I can only use the Lizard as I am playing the Bakunin Sectorial Command.

The Lizard is a neat looking TAG. It's one of my favorite TAGs in style. It reminds me of the 1980-1990's mecha styles that took reference with organics. Feel like something that would fit with Bubble Gun Crisis or Ghost in the Shell.

So what does the Lizard do?

It's pretty simple for a TAG. ARM 8, BTS 6 and STR 3 mean it can take a bit of a kicking. It has a MULTI HMG the little cousin to the HMC with two options; Heavy Grenade Launcher or a Heavy Flamer thrower with only a SWC difference of 0.5. The respectable MOV 6-4 and BS of 14 is not bad. The pilot once ejected it's a BS 11 specialist with an SMG so nothing super special for 87 points and 2 or 2.5 SWC.

Well the weapons are both good options and they are very costly but a TAG is a wanted addition to my second list. Now we are not playing any of the TAG centric missions but a TAG and it's onboard specialist are still a strong addition to any list. With a TAG I'm accepting less points and SWC to spend so any troops I pick will need to be versatile in both Active and Reactive turns, in multiple band ranges, being able to meet multiple tactical needs.

Next I need a leader and I think I'm going to go with my faith on this one. I'm going to pull out the big gun, Reverend Superior Cassandra Kusanagi.

This leader of the crazy space nuns is classic MI (Medium Infantry) with a MOV of 4-2, meaning here second move order will also be short. So do something else with her with your second half of your order. She has Multiterrain so she will be avoiding environmental issues. Her ODD, and Religious Troop and V: NWI (No Wound Incapacitation) abilities make her a hard nut to crack. Special Operative means she is a versatile objective taker but lacking focus and potential bonuses.

She has two load outs: Spitfire with E/M grenades or MULTI Rifle +Light Flamethrower with E/M grenades. Now E/M grenades are awesome and her PH 13 makes it a good gamble. A BS14 is fucking slick with both options. Spitfire for the number of shots in the active turn, or a toolbox weapon that can adjust to the Active and Reactive with the MULTI Rifle. I like the MULTI Rifle option since I need that versatility. Her CC 16 is not bad and I may use it with low CC enemy units and take advantage of the Shock CCW.

Last but not least I need to decide if she will be my Lieutenant. Kusanagi is unique in that she gives the player an extra SWC to use when she is your chosen Lieutenant. Folks who know their points will quickly be able to tell if you're 1 SWC higher than normal so it can be a giveaway. I plan on making sure it wont matter if you know she's my LT because I 'll work to keep her from a tactically vulnerable position. The extra SWC really softens the blow from the Lizard's SWC so it's a good chance I'll be picking her as my LT.

So with that I've now spent 131 points, and 1.5 SWC. I'm going to need a healer to keep Kusanagi in the living column, and also work objectives, so my next pick is an simple addition; the Reverend Healer.

The Healer is a great looking mini that can join a Fireteam Core of three Reverend Moira and Reverend Superior Cassandra Kusanagi making a dirty five unit Linkteam. She feels like a bodyguard CC 19 with an EXP CCW meaning opponents will have to make 3 ARM rolls against 12. Not a bad go with units that lack close combat skills and equipment. I think the MULTI Rifle is a good option but I'm going to pick the boarding shotgun instead. I see the shotgun being used on units that sneak past my AROs and try to ninja in close. The +6 within 8 inches in brilliant and gives an edge to my linked team.

That puts me at 163 points spent with 137 points and 3.5 SWC to spare. I need to clean up and add to the link team before I start searching for cheep options.

The Reverend Moira will fill out my crazy space nun link team. I know I need a hacker with my TAG on the board so the Assault Hacking Device Moira for 36 points and 0.5 SWC was easy. The MULTI Sniper Rifle looks like a second good choice with a bare bones, MULTI Rifle and a AP CCW.

With that I'm left with 37 points and 1.5 SWC. I have only 6 regular orders. Time to bring in the clowns and some cheap help.

Moderators are the classic cheerleader in Infinity. They suck at shooting with a BS 10 and they have the durability of a 8.5"x11" sheet of white paper. A Moderator with a hacking device and another pair of Moderators with pitchers gives me three more orders, a second hacking device and the ability to expand my control area of my hackers.

This is not the best but it's a start.

- Cheers