30 Mar 2017

Quick Update end of

So Lady Bear is sick. I've got two posts almost done: Part three of my quick Rumble experience and my review on Mass Effect: Andromeda. I've got plenty to build and paint for GENCON, work is taking a breather (finally), and I've got some night classes to work on for the next ten weeks starting next week.

Folks we have the next expansion of Scythe! I've yet to play a 7 player game with the last expansion but I'm excited to play it once I can gather enough fools to the party. So reading this from my monthly Stonemaier Games newsletter blew the lid of my pot.

Extra Units: Airships!
Random Boardwide Airship Abilities!
Extra Random Win Condition!
New art by Jakub!
Launches Q4 2017!

So far the week has been ok to lame - it's getting better.

- Cheers