5 Mar 2017

It has been busy

The title is an understatement.

My day job has been all sorts of crazy while my second job was madness leading up to this weekend. As of the launch of this post I will be finishing the last big "exercise" of the training year (Sept-Sept) at my second job. In about 12+ hours my troops will be prepping to redeploy back home and I will be coming home to a new guest who's life got turned upside down... and not in a Fresh Prince of Bell Air way but he will be living with me and Lady Bear for a while - so there are some similarities.

I've not had enough time to paint my minis or the small ITS objectives I got from LOS Block. I am not ready for Rumble on Route 66. I've not played enough games, I've not spent enough time with my forces. Shit is fucked - it has been busy.

So this week is hunker down time.

Paint, play, and repeat. This coming weekend (10-12 March) will be the same but it will also include a break with family as we play a game of Axis and Allies with Papa Bear, Brother Bear, and yet to decide.

I am looking forward to my vacation with Lady Bear, more and more. I've been working my ass off so I can pay for our vacation which includes Rumble on Route 66, but that same work is causing me to possibly be not ready for the event.

So how have I survived? Lady Bear is the main factor in this whole mess. She's been my rock and star making sure I can always find my way home. My mates have been supportive and have made themselves ready for games once I'm ready (seems like the next 10 days will be spent planning new games). Lastly I lean on small pick me ups like this...

I really want this, already sent in my pre-order. Plus the mini looks fucking awesome. It seems my third faction is Pan-O. I hope Hexas are an option for Svallarheima.

- Cheers