19 Feb 2017

Svalarheima Infinity Event

I'm getting ready for Rumble on Route 66 so I need to play more games.

So Ontos and I decided to invite a few folks over to play some short games of Infinity outside in the Ottawa weather in Feb. We're normally in the -20c (-30c with windchill) and on bad days we drop another ten or so degrees. We we're going to BBQ, make some coffee, mulled wine, have some beer... but then the weather turned on us.

It got really warm.

We also started with 2 less people due to sickness and we started almost 2 hours later. I had to go get foods, and we had to set up once I got back.

Before I start off, let me introduce you to the TO of our event,

The story is after the break.

Now let me explain the warm comment. I was all fucked up and there is no reason for it. I may have been in another mental explanation but it left me mid sentence.

The Armies -

Sergeant: Combined Army
Ontos: Tohaa
Dozer: PanO (Svalarheima units only)

My PanO units are almost done. I'm using bases from Zen Terrain and I still need to base my Jotum. I'm on finishing touches with the rest of the minis you see in the video. Ontos just got his Tohaa and Sergeant and Doc are in the midst of painting their respective forces for GENCON.

Round 1 was Smash and Grab.

I lost pretty badly to Doc. I was doing really well - Flash Pulsing his Hacker and slowly killing his heavy weapon troops with my Jotum. Until his total reaction bot started rolling Crits.

At the other table - Sergeant and Ontos we're fighting to tie it up.

Doc: 2
Sergeant: 1
Ontos: 1
Dozer: 0

Round 2 was Sweep and Clear

I was paired against Sergeant while Doc and Ontos played each other.

My match went well - very well. I walked in took two zones, but myself in base contact with the objective in my oppenent's side of the board, and also synched with the enemy HVT because at the end of my turn I was the only one with minis left.

Sergeant was healthy enough to avoid Retreat in his first turn but my second turn ended with him all gone and with me with 6 objective points putting me at 3 tournament points.

How'd did I do it. Simple, I failed only one armour roll. I call it bullshit luck. Sergeant should have put down way more of my troopers instead his dice avoided crits and my dice just rolled high - everytime. When I did fail my WIP rolls my troops were still in good positions to get stuff done.

An odd game but fun for the both of us. So Sergeant and I just drank instead and watched Ontos and Doc fight it out.

After the second round the fridge was looking very empty and the beer had been very good. With everything in the past tense a few players realized that due to our late start that their time was up. Ontos wee ladies were home and he had to go back and be a good father and husband - that's not ditching the wife with the two kids.

Doc has plans with his lady and was expecting to be home for 1600 local. Sergeant and I were good to go but I was looking forward to hang out with Red - the 5th guy in the video who cooked the food while we played.

So we're gona finish this up.

Next time we run this thing we'll have more people, more food, more warm drinks because it won't be stupid warm. Also I'll have folks pitch in for the ITS pack so we can make it official.

Great day all around. Ontos and I will have one game to break the tie... I expect him to win.

Final Scores -

Ontos: 3
Dozer: 3
Doc: 2
Sergeant: 1

Oh and if this breaks out and I get enough players for this event, I'd like to call it a DIRE Provence (since we have provinces instead of states in Canada)

- Cheers