23 Feb 2017

Ready to Rumble on Route 66: Part 3

In my last post I was sporting a team that was a pretty good build but now I needed to finish it off. I have a hundred points, 8 orders (7 regular and 1 irregular), and I need clean up my first list. I've also finally come up with my paint scheme and basing for the rest of my nomads. I'm still on the fence about using Army Painter Quickshade but I finally have a base coat so I can strip my completed minis and re-do my whole Nomad force.

I'll take about my paint scheme with hopefully some work in progress pics but right now I need to finish my list.

Avicenna is my next pick. An easy next pick since she is one of the best specialists in the game. First off she provides a regular order putting me at 8 regular orders.

Secondly she sports a MOV 6-2, meaning she is very fast for a non-TAG and lacking a motorcycle. Most specialists are MOV 4-4 that means that can move 4 inches and perform their short skill to claim an objective, fix something, attack, or move another 4 inches. Avicenna still moves a total of 8 inches on a double move but her initial movement is 6 inches. That’s 2 more inches before healing someone, synching with a civi, or using a cautious advance. Those 2 inches can make or break a play.

She is a WIP 15 Doctor Plus meaning she will be able to keep my living units alive with very good chances and her Flash Pulse shots (which uses WIP instead of BS) will be on the mark and hopefully stunning my opponents units. It also means her interactions with objectives are also sporting a high chance of success. Few specialists sport such a high WIP.

Her skills make her even better: Doctor Plus, normally a Haqqislam exclusive skill. V: NWI meaning she'll keep moving until she takes another hit. Very handy when you know she can heal herself and with the highest possible chance of success you can get in the game. ARM 2 is better than normal for light infantry and a BTS of 3 is always welcome. All of that for only 27 points make her an easy pick. Now with 73 points and 3.5 SWC left I need to find some more options.

Sin-Eaters are my favorite unit in the game in pure looks. When I saw the miniature with the Mk 12, striding forward point at someone I was sold. Rules wise they are buckets of awesome. They suffer from a poor BTS and are vulnerable to fire from MSVs but their ARO’s are always at full burst.

Right now I’m between picking the 1.5 SWC/33 point Sin-Eater with a MULTI Sniper Rifle for versatile long range to crack hard targets or the 2 SWC/33 point Sin-Eater with a HMG. The points are a bit heavy but the SWC cost is easy to pay for.

In the end I think the MULTI Sniper Rifle is a good choice for opening hard targets and still give me some versatility against softer targets. In both cases my AROs will be shooting twice at damage 15 with either double-action ammo (causing two wounds), or with armour piercing ammo (halving the ARM value of the target). Most of my shots I hope to be at a distance taking advantage of the range bands and increase the benefit of my CH: Mimetism. I hope to be shooting past 16 inches - the table will determine the level of effective coverage.

With 40 points and 1 SWC to play with, Moderators are my next logical choice. I need some cheap units to make up a quick Fireteam.
A basic trooper and a Paramedic cost me 20 points total. Adding in a pitcher would cost me 0.5 SWC and leave me at 10 points left to spend. I like having a B2 Pitcher dropping two repeaters in a single action. I also like the idea of having 3 orders ready to use with a spare WIP 12 specialist.

Now with 11 points left and 0.5 SWC to spend I'm looking at giving a Zondbot for 3 points to Avicenna so she can service wounded units from 8 inches away. It also supports my last pick for this army list (oh I need to make two of them!), a 8 point addition from the Die Morlock Gruppe. A 4-4, CC 22, martial arts: level 2 with AP CCW, irregular nut job who will not take up any of the group orders unless he finds himself in a great place to make a play.

The Morlock can also dodge at 3 inches with PH 13, or also bring some always useful smoke. A handy Assault Pistol and Chain Rifle gives a few more violent tools to the party.

So I've got 0.5 SWC to play with but few options to take advantage of it. I'm pretty happy with the list and I'll be spending some time playing it next week. I also think it's a good foundation for a second list that will include a Lizard.

- Cheers