25 Feb 2017

Magic the Gathering: Amonkhet

It’s been a white since I posted about Magic the Gathering. With two jobs at full speed, Rumble on Route 66, there has been no time for Magic. My last games played were with my cuz and it was the fan made Star Wars set.

Kalidesh did not impress me.

I’m not sold on Artifact tribal (where you center your deck around a specific creature type; in this case Artifact). I hated the time when Blue-Black was the go to for Artifacts. Ravnica’s 2 colour guilds made me love my two favorite colours and Dimir has always felt like home. Theros did a great job keeping the themes of Blue-Black and Innistrad’s second round was still in that nice sweet spot with those colours. Kalidesh felt like a step back to a lazy Blue-Black themes.

Secondly I dislike gimmick mechanics. I don’t mind them in limited (only cards of that set) but most of my MtG play is outside of limited. Energy was lame. Unless it would be repeated in follow up sets or felt more part of the MtG and less of an add-on I was felt little desire to invest in cards that had energy.

Now I was glad for the return of the Dwarves to MtG. I also loved the new Aetherborn race and the concept behind them. I also liked the modern science-fantasy aesthetic similar to the last couple of Final Fantasy games. Lastly the Vehicle mechanic was awesome. It felt natural fitting simply in the rules of MtG without any changes to current play or extra tokens (unlike energy) that need to be slapped on.

So we have two new blocks coming out, which means 4 new sets (2 sets per block since Battle for Zendikar).
Amonkhet Block (Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation)
Atlazan Block (Atlazan and Conquest of Power)

Amonkhet and Atlazan in that order and I’m looking forward to the first of the two sets. Amonkhet, an Egyptian themed world of gods ruled over by Nicol Bolas with trials for folks to undertake.

Sold – now this is what I’d like to see.

1. Gods

Theros had gods and gods were awesome. In limited play they were fun and stylish bombs that would drop in games of sealed and draft. They each supported the themed colour mechanics. They also were awesome outside of the Theros limited play. They were great additions to my casual modern decks, my kitchen table decks, and my commander decks.

2. Level Up

The level up mechanic from the Zendikar block did not return in the Battle for Zendikar block and that was the largest disappointment from our second round on the plane of Zendikar. It's one of my favorite lesser mechanics in Magic. Plenty of opportunity to make some neat cards. With the idea and theme of the 'Trial of the Gods', I could see champions going through these trials and leveling up.

3. Shards

I think that the colour sets should be Tri-coloured ala the Shards (A colour and their two ally colours). I think with the five trials, running it tri-coloured would make sense. Logistically, Theros had enough sets in the block to release 5 main gods, and 10 lesser gods (5 main colours and the 10 colour pairings). Amonkhet would be a great time to bring back that colour set.

4. Corruption

The idea of creatures reshaped from the trials would be a great theme to touch on. Innistrad and Khans both has aspects of the theme present. You saw the same creature but in a different state and it felt fresh and new. This is a theme that is also in Shadowmoor and I think it could fit really well in this block.

So that's what I'd like to see in the next block. I was not excited for the last block but this coming block has some real potential to show off some neat cards. I'll have more once the spoiler season comes out.

- Cheers