23 Jan 2017

Updates and Movies

It's been too long but before I get into the rest of the post I have some updates.

Firstly the building and painting for Rumble On Route 66 - 2017 is just as slow as I expected. My second job - aka the thing paying for Rumble on Route 66 has been taking up some major time. After this weekend I'll have more time to get work done for the event. 

I wana highlight a few things:

First off is the Ariadian Commercial Conflict lend-lease Program by Hexagon Mill who are trying to help the folks at the Rumble make up the tables. They have full 4'x4' tables of pre-painted durable MDF terrain with playmat deals. Instead of paying 460+USD&taxes with shipping (and tariffs) he's got a deal for each table at 360 USD&taxes. Now that's a really good deal IF you have the initial investment. The terrain looks great for clubs and demo games, and the playmat is always welcome. You get the discount because the terrain will be used at the event and then given to you afterwards. IF you're in Ottawa and you're looking for a terrain solution I may be able to help bring it back. 

Secondly I've gotten a few games without my 300 point list - the rest of my selection is in another post later. I've not had enough time to get my list into shape to play but I've gotten the odd 150 RECON game in to at least keep up some basic skills. 

With that lets look at some flicks.

There are two movies that have my attention for this spring: John Wick: Chapter 2 and Logan.

John Wick was one of my favorite movies of 2014, becoming an honorable mention loosing to Guardians of the Galaxy. Reeves did a bang up job with first time solo directors Leitch and Stahlski making sure everything came up slick, fast, and tight.

Derek Kolstad made a huge break with John Wick and he's back behind the script with a new movie. He other stuff is "burned out action star" fare but I think the style of direction and the quality of actor is what drove the original film to such heights.

This time Leitch  is only producing since he will be busy directing Deadpool 2 since he earned some more experience as a second unit director in Captain America: Civil War and Jurassic World. Knowing that he is still participating allows me to feel confident in his participation towards a final project of quality.

Stahlski is the sole-director this time. He's been busy prepping a new film with the name Triple Threat to star Tony Jaa, Tiger Chen, and Iko Uwais. All three have made some of the best action films in the last ten years. Tony Jaa's Protector (aka Tom-Yum-Goong) and Ong-Bak films are wicked brilliant. Iko Uwais was fucking awesome in the two Raid films. Tiger Chen seems the outsider to me based on the fact that I've only seen him in one film, the brilliant Man of Tai Chi directed by Reeves.

This pedigree and access to great action stars and fantastic actors means that Stahlski is trusted enough by his team to make this work. Ian McShane does not suffer fools and his presence calms my nerves of a potential shitty sequel.

I think the following trailer does the series justice and I look forward to watching this flick come 10 February.

Next up is Logan.

Now my old post on the last two Wolverine solo films is here, but most of the media link have not lasted the short test of time. In short Origins the first solo film was a sack of pure shit. Only the intro was well done and had promise. The video game did a better job with the material and that's sad - though the game was the best game with Wolverine outside of the Marvel fighting games. The Wolverine the last solo film was great up until the 3rd act when you find out that nothing in the last two acts of the film were significant and the whole premise was fucking stupid. It's all in the post.

Recently Wolverine has been showing up as a cameo in the X-Men films. First Class and Age of Apocalypse had two scenes. First Class was short and brilliant - perfect for the film. Age of Apocalypse was forced inject and made little sense to the narrative. The weakest aspect of that cameo was the lack physical horror from Wolverine's escape. There was no blood and no carnage. The base should have been a slaughter house showing the blood and corpses making forcing the audience to experience of the physical horror of Wolverine's rage as a parallel to the treatment and the results to other mutants, like Angel at the start of the film.

Ignore my love of both Johnny Cash and his cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt. This is what the series of movies should have been from the start. Wolverine a bloody mess of a human being that the comics and the movies always elude to. Each of the previous films had great trailers but they disappointed in the end.

This new R-rated comic film is an obvious result of the success with Deadpool and it's sad that it took so long for FOX to make that gamble.

Plot wise it looks like a mix of the comics stories of Old Man Logon, X-23, and even No More Mutants or Days of Future Past. Seeing the Reavers was slick seem less silly than the comics.

In the end the best trailer is below. Enjoy.

- Cheers