10 Jan 2017

Time to spend well

With things ramping up here at work I need to organize my time well. I've got to get ready for the Rumble on Route 66 and GENCON 50. This includes getting some time at the table, painting my minis, and planning both trips. 

So I put together a plan. 

1. Play at least one game a week of Infinity. Each game will be full 300 points and of one of the six scenarios of the tournament. I will need to practice all of the scenarios in order to meet my goal of being in the top half of the 100+ players at the Rumble. 

I'm looking forward to playing Supremacy, Frontline, and Safe Area. Planning and playing Rescue and Highly Classified will be very challenging. Both missions require a level of planning regarding possible specialists and specific tactical choices. Firefight will be the odd duck of a straight up shoot out with some tricks to earn enough points. 

This Thursday - Sergeant and I will be playing a game. Next week Mr. C (still looking for an alias) who is new the game is tentatively booked to play me next Wednesday. Rider and Ontos have also volunteered to help beat me up so I may play better.

Next we have paint... 

2. Paint. 

It sound simple but as I mark my time, I need to coordinate my painting. I have the minis I need to bring as well as a set of Objective Markers made by LOS Block

Since I can't bring any terrain with me on the flight I figured I'd help out with bringing some terrain Objective Markers instead of using tokens. They look much better and they can count as cover unlike tokens. The rules are very specific and since Rumble of Route 66 is now an official Corvus Beli satellite event.

I also need to paint my minis. I still need to pick my forces. On top of that I need to strip some of my older minis. I have over 150 pts of old Bakunin minis that need to be painted in my new Nomad colour scheme. I also have some bases to paint to unify my Nomads. So I have some work ahead of me.

3. Write

So far I've written two Chapters on a new project that has been in the works for a while. Now I'm actually working it. So I'm feeling good. Parts and portions like the ending and themes are being fleshed out while I work on the project. So far it's been slow but rewarding, soon it will be my most developed project beyond an old one that almost made it - That's another post.

4. Better Health

I'm going to be busy and the strain of two jobs and all the things above will need something to keep my body in better shape. Working out will keep my sleep pattern and metabolism regular. One of my two jobs is physically demanding and being in better shape will mean that those demands will have less of an impact.

I'll also continue the healthy diet that Lady Bear and I have been keeping since October. The hopes is to avoid any sickness and keep myself from getting injured while I ready for Rumble of Route 66 and GENCON 50.

5. Make the Money

So I have two jobs. One job pays normal the other pays me for work done in less than 6 hours or more than 6 hours: Half-day and Full-day pay. I've recently finished everything I need to get promoted at my second job and hopefully it comes soon. Lucky for me - and not lucky for family and friends, Jan and Feb are looking busy. I will be working the next three weekends solid (some will be 24/7 work days). I get a break - then go back at it every other weekend until the Rumble and right after the Rumble... so that's a lot of potential cash. That will pay for things like the Rumble on Route 66 and GENCON 50. It also means that I need to be careful and not burn myself out and take lots of down time (to paint and hobby - of course)

So that's my plan. The reality is all plans fail upon first contact with the enemy. It's how we adjust our actions and use the plan that determines how successful we are.

- Cheers