1 Jan 2017

Starting off right

As of the launch of this post we are one hour into the new year and 24 hours since I gave 2016 shit.

So lets start this off right with a new way to watch Star Wars movies, the Machete Order. It removes the irrelevant (and not very good) Episode I. It keeps every twist in the series: The green guy is Yoda? There are twins (actually made better with the order). Luke's dad and Luke's dance with the dark side.

Trust me it's brilliant with only a few hiccups but we've seen many more movies with just as bad if not worst plot holes.

So here is my question?

Do you start with Rogue One: A Star Wars Tale?

Let's review...


So simple and yet so good. Rogue One literally ends moments before Vader catches up with Leia in Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. Which has even grater significance due to the theme of hope in Rogue One. The movie starts with little hope and the characters strive to earn hope because "rebellions are built on hope".

Once the film ends, people new to the series wonder was it enough, was all the loss and conflict in the movie enough. Then they go right into Episode 4 and their questions are answered - still recovering from the battle above Scarif a last ditch strike is made against the Deathstar and the rest is history. The Rebel Alliance is now a contender, it proves itself to be a threat and a hope to those under the yoke of the Empire. Three years of fighting will pass before viewers are introduced to the now veteran Rebels located on Hoth.

I plan on watching the Star Wars films in Machete Order once Rogue One is released to homes. I honestly feel the impact of Episode 4 becomes greater with the events of Rogue One firmly in mind. I think that those two films are one story... that of a Rebellion while the rest of the series to date is about the Skywalker Legacy. So when I next watch Rogue One it will be in a single sitting and back to back with A New Hope.

Following the Machete Order I would continue on with Empire Strikes Back and then detour to Attack of the Clones. Both are good films and the best of their respective trilogy and they end with a Skywalker missing an arm. The following day or viewing would be back to back Revenge of the Sith followed by the Return of the Jedi. You will see the fall and redemption of the Skywalkers and the closing of that chapter.

Ideally I would do all of this late next year as Star Wars Episode 8 is released. I end my viewing of the sage by watching Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, then get in my car and watch Episode 8 in theater.

So I guess this post is not about 'a new hope' but more about how I'd like to end my 2017. Drowning in an epic saga of space wizards, moons that aren't moon but also shoot lazers, and robots back talking the meat bags who hold dominion over them.

- Cheers