16 Jan 2017

Ready to Rumble on Route 66: Part 2

I’ve written this post more than once. I've finally chosen to go with a Nomads sectorial. They are my first Infinity minis and the ones who lured me into the game, The Bakunin Jurisdictional Command. Since I started brewing my Bakunin list I’ve re-started this post over and over again. Play testing and brewing against the listed missions has made me change a few options.

My first pick is Zoe and Pi-Well. I need an Engineer and D-Charges. 47 points for two good specialists is a steal. Zoe is a WIP 15 Engineer and Hacker with the STOP! upgrade. Pi-Well has got ODD, Repeater, Sta-Lock, Sensor, and Forward Observer.

My next pick is a Salyut Zond providing a few key pieces. It comes with baggage for re-loading limited use weapons, claiming areas with an extra 20 points, and slew of tools with the EVO Hacking Device. Pi-Well will really shine, ignoring the -6WIP MOD for his Sat-Lock. I’ll be able to drop Command Tokens to re-roll important Hacking Rolls. A WIP 13 with a huge selection of programs makes this a perfect follow up and only for 25 points and 0.5 SWC.

Next up will be a Zero with a Killer Hacking Device and a discount price of 21 points. The multiterrain will help directly with the terrain limitation in mission Rescue. He’ll need to be a specialist and having a Killer Hacking Device with WIP 13 will really help with folks who will be trying to bust into my next work and drop my other minis. Opponents with Hackers will loath my Zero and I get keep my Hackers out of that fight.

I’m not saying no to another Zero. Right now I’m eyeing the Zero with Assault Hacking Device and the Minelayer. Both are still pretty cheap, 0.5 SWC with 24 points and 0.5 SWC and 19 points respectively. The CH:Camoflage, Infiltration, and Multiterrain are all big pluses. Bran do Castro is another option I’m looking at. With better maneuverability with Climbing Plus, Super-Jump and Superior Infiltration he is a bit more costly at 37 points. I'm looking at all three options but I'm not committing quite yet.

No matter how many other Zeros I want I still have a few holes in my list. I have no heavy armour presence on the board. I have no counter-camo listed. I have nothing that can break up a fortified unit. Lucky for me Riot Grrls for 32 points shows up with MSV Level 1, ARM and BTS 3 and 2 Wounds with a MULTI Rifle and Stun Grenades. Add in a PH13 with Hyper-Dynamics Level 1 I’ll be able to have my Heavy Infantry unit be dodging on a 16 – few do it better and many are in much worse shape. The Riot Grrl will also be my first non-Hacker on my list.

My other option was one of the new Taskmasters. ARM 5 and BTS 6 with 2 Wounds is nothing to laugh it. Kinematika and Martial Arts both at Level 1 are nice. Crazy Koalas area  riot and can be very handy. My only concern is the heavy price tag. The basic has Boarding Shotgun, great for close and it costs 43 points but the other options with HMG, Heavy Rocket Launcher, Red Fury all cost over 53 points or less with a 1 or 2 SWC. So far in the wings but not an instant pick.

With all the Hackers out there I need a way to increase my hacking areas. That means repeaters, deployable repeaters, and pitchers. Lucky for me my favorite mini sports a Hacking Device Plus with a WIP 14, ARM and BTS of 3, with an ODD: Optical Disruptor and a Pitcher for only 0.5 SWC and 34 points. The Reverend Custodiers at no extra cost can also be made my Lieutenant making it easy to hide my Lt from my opponent on my Public list. A WIP 14 Lt is a great choice and the extra order in a pinch is always handy when you decide to play a heavy hacking game.

With a total of 159 point spent and 1 SWC gone I have just broken through half my points and I still have quite a bit of SWC to burn through. I’m sporting 6 orders and that’s a pretty good start. I’m now thinking I need another hammer to drop and a cheap unit option. A hammer is an easy tool to find and for 18 points and a high 1.5 SWC the Vertigo Zone comes with the Smart Missile Launcher a guided damage 14 AP+DA Circular template. Guided weapons can only be fired 5 times in a player turn but they ignore LOS, all Range MODs, and get a +6 BS to shoot at 18.

Now with 7 orders, 123 points left and near half of my SWC spent I need to put in a cheap unit. Something that either gives me a bump in tactical options through orders, weapon choices, and Fireteam, or something that can disrupt my opponent’s offensive. The easy and go to choice is always the Bakunin Überfallkommando. Led by a Chimera with Natural Born Warrior, Total Immunity, I-Khol and Kinematika Level 1, Climbing Plus the 6-4 MOV unit is already looking like a deal. She also sports a Viral CCW and a CC of 21, a Nanopulser and Eclipse grenades. That is both offensive and defensive disruption in just the leader of the 4 person unit. The three Pupniks are also MOV 6-4, Total Immunity, and Kinematika Level 1. Unlike the Chimera they have only a DA CCW, Hyper-Dynamics Level 2, and no range weapons. Total cost for the unit is 23 points and Extreme Impetuous.

7 regular orders, plus one irregular order and one extreme impetuous order I’m doing pretty well for only spending half my SWC with 100 points left to go. I’m looking at some Moderators as a small Fireteam and to bump my regular order count up and that could leave me with one large purchase or two medium purchases left to go. Avicenna with WIP 15 Doctor Plus, MOV 6-2, and a Flash Pulse is looking pretty nice at 27 points and is also on my short list.

I’m going to play test what I do have with some of the options and come back again to the drawing board. I’m really looking forward to putting this all together and painting some of these brilliant minis.

- Cheers