5 Jan 2017

Ready to Rumble on Route 66: Part 1

So Lady Bear and I will be off to the Southern United States of America.

Landing in Phoenix, Arizona we will be spending some time eating BBQ and grabbing a few things before we drive up Route 66 and stop at Albuquerque, New Mexico for few days. Then we'll head back into Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona (aka Wine Country) before jumping back on a plane from Phoenix to Canada. A week well spent.

While we're in Albuquerque we will spend a few days enjoying the town, exploring some sites, and then I'll do a little thing called...

Oh yeah!

I will need to get ready for this event which is the largest Infinity tournament in North America with 100+ people. More than Interplanitario, more than GENCON, and more than the Warsaw Open. It is the first of the Dire States events, named in the same style as the Dire Foes story missions but applying States due to the location and 'Merica.

Seems that Dan Barnaby with over a hundred players and over 50 tables to set up, picked missions with minimal objective markers. That means specialists will only be really needed with secondary objectives, the mission Highly Classified, and the classified objectives. This is looking awesome!

We will be playing the following missions: Highly Classified, Firefight, Supremacy, Safe Area, Frontline, and Rescue.

Dan and the Dire States crew have picked some slick missions. A shoot 'em dead, a jug fuck of objectives, three different take and hold, and lastly a hostage rescue.

I need to know my missions well enough before I start picking my team. So before I choose between Bakunin Jurisdictional Command, good old non-sectorial Nomad, and the Japanese Sectorial Army I'll need to explore what I'll be doing.

Let's brainstorm after the break.

Highly Classified

This mission is a shit sandwich. The objectives are random and as such the needs will be a wide spectrum of things. I'll need various specialists, different equipment like D-Charges and Forward Observe, and/or need to perform specific actions like a coup-de-grace. Planning for this is like pissing in the wind. The best I can do is make sure I can complete as many of the objectives as possible and hope the cards I'm dealt are not total crap. This forces me to pick a force with plenty of specialists. Engineers are an easy option as they tend to also sport D-Charges, they are a specialist (who's sometimes directly called for), and they can keep any Heavy Infantry, TAG, or REM working.


This is a simple mission. Shoot to kill and get them all dead. I'll want effective shooters and fewer tricks. The only tools I'll need outside of overwhelming firepower would be devices that limit my opponents ability to shoot at me. We're talking Smoke, Flash Pulse, anything that makes the other player from killing my own units. I'll also want units that can engage my opponent's forces where they will have a disadvantage. Being able to do things like surprise shot, getting dug into close combat, and full reactive AROs (where I shoot at full burst on my reactive turn instead of only 1 shot)


This mission is more up the alley of the Nomads so both my generic Nomad and the Bakunin sectorial are good options. The idea is classic Army, that is "to take and hold ground". Scoring happens every game round so going second will allow me to move and hopefully take back ground in order to score. Lastly there is a console that needs to be hacked and that's very much to the strength of the Nomads who have the best hackers in the game. I'll want to be able to claim ground under protection and establish cover. I'll also need to be able to dig out my opponent from a quadrant in order to dominate more quadrants at the end of the turn. This will be a fun mission.

Safe Area

This mission is very similar to Supremacy above. Take and hold up to four zones and control a console. Same idea for this mission. Get initiative, set up defensively, take second turn. Instead of hacking I just need to control it. Any specialist will do and being able to move on the consoles on the last turn will be paramount mid game. The real crux will be surviving long enough that I can take zones on the last turn, since unlike Supremacy you only score at the end of the game. A slow and solid claim of ground as my forces move up means I'll be needing a bit more staying power so some tougher units will be key to keeping what I have by the end of the game.


This is another basic mission of take and hold. I actually played this last Saturday and I did pretty well in making sure I had point in each sector. With only a classified objective and three large sectors to claim going second will be key. With three missions needing to win that roll, I'll need to make sure I show up with a list that has a high WIP lieutenant or a list that can still do well when I lose to those super leaders like Sun Tsu and Saladin. These missions also require that I can operate in multiple range bands and weapon selection will be key. Normally you want to be able to operate in every range band but some missions make the weapon selection easy by forcing close fighting to keep objectives and long shots to pick off targets outside of zones. Frontline is the last of the take and hold missions that make up half the tournaments missions and the fluid nature of fighting Frontline means that my units will need to move up or away based on the situation of zones. Tactical flexibility will be key.


Rainbow Six, Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, and Rainbow Six: Raven Shield are some of my favorite games. Hostage rescue scenarios are some of the most challenging and the most rewarding mission in those games. When I first saw Rescue with Infinity: Human Sphere I was so fucking happy. I get to play with 4 HVT miniatures which I am looking forward to painting. Scoring happens at the end of the game so survivability will be key. I will need to get a number of specialists to the HVTs, synch with them and then keep that synch as I extract them into my deadzone. Secondly I'll need to kill my opponents specialist. Surgical kills will prevent him from being able to synch with his HVTs lowering his possible HVT count at the end of the game.

So those are the missions and I'm all in with Nomads or even being focused on Bakunin. This breakdown should really help me generate two 300 point lists for the tournament.

Wish me luck and I'll be posting regularly as I continue to get ready for the Rumble on Route 66 - 2017.

- Cheers