9 Dec 2016

What a week and the village.

Once more the ability to put out posts due to my jobs and life, has been limited.

Lady Bear lost her grandma and we had a funeral. Charging Pun joined us and we stayed with family through the whole process. He had a scare later that week with his youngest so we're all a bit burnt out. I'm looking at working weekends again for the end of the big push before the holiday but I'll be using that time back during the holiday week.

On the constructive side of my life I'm in the midst of planning an IKRPG adventure that I'm really excited about. Mister Wolf asked me to run as a guest GM on 17 Dec, and Sleeves also asked for a game for his Birthday on 7 Jan a few weeks later. Both games will be played in the same place and I want players to affect each other's game - fuck it I want them to impact the setting.

Then an idea hit me finish making the village.

The village was a location I've been working on to run the majority of my IKRPG games. A living breathing setting that would accommodate many types of games. Exploration, pioneering, dungeon crawls, seafaring and pirate stories, war conflicts, nature vs civilization, etc... I've been building a place that would allow me to play all those games. A place where player character could season the place when they adventure there. A place where it would allow many travelers to come and go. A place that would allow stories to be told and yet still keep a level of isolation from the rest of the world while still being impacted by the changes in the world.

So the village is after the break - see you all next week hopefully with more regular posts.

- Cheers


If you know your real world geography you'll be able to figure out where I've taken my inspiration and where I'm snagging my maps and images.

Map of the Area
RED - Der Riss
BLUE - SeaFrost
YELLOW - Bakers Hollow
Der Riss is a fledgling settlement on the unexplored coast of Khador. Over the last couple of years Der Riss is going through a time of growth. Originally established by prospectors, hunters, explorers, farmers, and traders. It has close ties with the oldest structure - the old mining outpost, Bakers Hollow, and the many small mining operations that land at Der Riss who migrate inland towards the mountains.
Image - no credit
idea of the water way heading to Der Riss
The closest neighbour to Der Riss is the larger Trollkin village, aka Kriel, of SeaFrost. Relations with the Kriel of SeaFrost is unfriendly but never more due to the mountains that separate the two villages by a two day trip over the mountains. Some Trollkin come and trade at Der Riss for harder to come by items and sometime end up overstaying their welcome with too many nights drinking at the inn. Folks who decide to travel to SeaFrost are told that travel by water means you leave by sun rise and arrive late into the night and find themselves confronted by a defensive village wary of strangers.

The longer overland route has travelers going over the mountains come sun rise and arriving before dusk the next day. The overland route is hard and requires climbing but is established enough to avoid most of the creatures that roam the mountains. Those that come in overland are treated with less hostility out of respect for making the trip the hard way.

Map and elevation of the overland route
between Der Riss and SeaFrost
The winters are harsh but with plenty of access to the sea, preserves from the valley farmers, the plentiful game, and a robust trapping season; food is only short on the coldest of days. During the summer, the veins (fjords) are bright and warm. Spring is littered with small seasonal flooding and Fall is busy time of winter preparation. The winds are gentile, softened and warmed by the mountains and fresh water lakes. Hunting trails litter the countryside and the mountains are always looming overhead.

Der Riss has a few small finishing boat launches and boat houses within the settlement. A single large dock extends into the water. The village is layout parallel to the waterfront with the roads leading south-west towards the spattering of mountain farmer and north-east towards some of the mines that are still starting. Two-thirds of the population is transient; from season miners, hunters, trappers, traders, and explorers. Most of the stable population comes from the service providers found in the village and the fishing crews that call Der Riss home port.

Image - no credit
idea of the water line at Der Riss
The village is a string of small homes, an Inn, a smith, shipwright, and general store are the largest buildings on the only street of the village. A few small seasonal trade posts, smiths, carpenters, and shops are open in the warm season and shuttered during the long winters. They spill out off the street between the permanent structures and the waterfront. A small church is being built in town while one of the larger farming families hosts the local Menoth church on their land.

Image - no credit
idea of Der Riss from behind the village
So that's Der Riss, the tiny outpost grown into a settlement. Attracting lots of people from all walks with plenty to explore.

- Cheers