23 Dec 2016

Top 3 of 2016 - Movies

This years movies have not yet finished and I'm still due to see a few more flicks like the Accountant and Nice Guys but my honoranle mention is split between Deadpool and Dr. Strange. Both are comic flicks that did their characters justice in bringing them from page to screen. Ryan Renolds is Deadpool and no matter what nit pickings I have with the flick it was fun. While Dr. Strange was a breath of fresh air with some of the best FX fight scenes in a long time. The rewind fight is still a moment of screen time I keep thinking about.

Number 3: 13 Hours

Tears of the Sun is my favorite military movie with A Bridge Too Far in close second. My father's is We Were Soldiers and my brother's is Black Hawk Down both great choices. Tears of the Sun has a special place for me due to my own experiences. The choices folks make in uniform are hard ones, the good choices they will chose are even an greater hardship.

13 Hours is a great piece of action film that really shows the issues from keeping hydrated in a prolonged fire fight, the chaos of fighting an non-uniformed enemy, and living with the orders that are given to you to follow. Fuck the politics and the e-mails of Clinton - 13 Hours was well put together and it did so without making look like a bunch of americans were saving the world during a single firefight. It was honest more than most films and for that it took my 3rd spot of the year.

Number 2: Star Wars: Rogue One

When I started writing this post I had an idea that this movie would be in my top 3. I figured it would be second to my number one pick below. I even think it will surprise me. It's the first non-central Star Wars film (based around the Skywalkers) that is based in the Star Wars setting. I'm looking forward to seeing what the fledgling Rebel Alliance looked like and how the various rebel and insurgent fighters took on the Empire.

Number 1: Captain America: Civil War

Faith in people is what I can most relate with. This movie took my favorite of the Marvel Cinematic Characters and told a great story with his best friends. It made sense to me (as much as a comic movie can) and I was all over this film. There are small moments, details of action, that really show the quality of the MCU films.

- Cheers