22 Dec 2016

Top 3 of 2016 - Miniatures

Once more the top three will start with my honorable mention the Cosmica Jurisdictional Buildings some of the sexy terrain pieces that Warsenal. The only reason I have not gone crazy and bought a shitload of their terrain is because I have already way to much to paint, finish painting... and that's just terrain. Looking forward to seeing how the new Haqqislam terrain continues to roll out.

Number 3: Mobile Brigada (Corvus Beli)

This year started with an awesome boxset for my Nomads. These minis look awesome and they are even better when you have your hands on them, Painting them is a joy. They have been at the top of this years list of minis but they are not the best of this years releases.

Lets see what else I liked...

Number 2: Black 13 Strike Force (Privateer Press)

I have not been playing Warmachine and Hordes much in the last two years but I have been playing plenty of the role playing game that uses the same miniatures. I wanted to play Ret and Khador but I ended up playing and loving my forces of Cygnar. I've followed up with a love of Skorne and Circle. I've yet to play a game of the new 3rd edition. After chatting with folks thats not such a bad thing, it seems this edition is due for a huge FAQ dump and rules rejigging - Skorne is getting a while new army from what I hear. No release from Privateer Press (my second favorite miniature maker in the world) was grabbing my attention this year because I was playing mostly for the role playing game.

When the badly needed resculpt of the Black 13th Strike Force came out I was almost back on the table with Capt Kraye leading the charge because these minis looked that awesome. They almost took the title of best of year... almost.

Number 1: Ninja with Tactical Bow (Corvus Beli)

When I saw this mini I realized that I was going to buy the Operation: Red Veil boxset. I don't have Haqqislam and my Yu-jin have been restricted to JSA so there was no need for me to get this box set. When the Ninja popped up on my screen I was sold. It's a simple, sleek and fantastic mini. I even had it ready for my GENCON tournament. I had it on a painted base, with base coat and some details but it was painted enough to look like I was ready to field it.

This mini is my favorite looking mini of 2016. Hands down.

- Cheers