26 Dec 2016

Top 3 of 2016 - Magic

Magic had a good year. It may have missed the chance to do some level up Zendikar cards with the second half of Battle for Zendikar but it had some great cards come out non the less. My honorable mention is the reprinting of the Planeschase cards. I've now only played a few games with Pale Rider and I have to say two things: 1. I need to give him a new knickname for this blog, and 2. It's fucking fun and I'm looking forward to playing a game of Emperor Commander with the Eternities Map planechase varient.

Note that I didn't pick my choices based on play and meta results. I pick my card based on how well they inspire me to keep playing and building decks. I pick them on how much fun I think they will be unless I've played them and I know they are fun.

With little ado lets get the ball rolling.

Number 3: Curse of Vengeance

Vidor is my favorite Norse god. Second in strength to Thor and known for being very quiet and killing Fenris out of vengance. Vengance is a theme I love to explore in my games. Getting a card that does just that is awesome and became my easy pick for this year's number three... now I just need to get more of them.

What's next on my list.

Number 2: Elusive Tormentor//Insidious Mist

This card is everything I love about the original Innistrad block. It got a nice 4/4 for 2BB with a wee trick. Suddenly it transforms into mist and you're dealing with another problem. An unblockable, hexproof monster that will make you pay for letting it in - so long as it's controller can pay the cost to make in dangerous. It also reminds me of my favorite comic book character Backlash who could turn into mist as well.

I love mixing this card with some equipment and maybe that's a deck under construction right now...

Number 1: Kaya, Ghost Assassin

Wow - I've been trying to build a deck around this interesting planeswalker since she was spoiled. Her abilities are interesting but not game breaking. I was really surprised to see her without Blue as one of her colours but I can live with that.

I love the idea of her boucing in and out recharging each time but never becoming a threat with some sort of game changing ultimate ability. Series chops of game design went into this card and it shows.

- Cheers