28 Dec 2016

Top 3 of 2016 - Boardgames

This was an easy category for me to do up since my number one has been at the top of my head for quite some time. Honorable mentions goes to Dead of Winter: Long Night which I picked up at GENCON and have not regretted playing. I just wish I've played more of it as well as the base game.

This post will be short because I feel like I'm just nodding as I run to the finish and call out this years top board game for me. This year was really easy for board games and it dosn't seem like I really needed to explain why each one of these games are here.

They just are and if you like your board games you will love at least one of these if not all three.

Number 3: Secret Hitler

I am the first Canadian backer to receive his game. The folks at GENCON told me so when I picked up my copy from their happy hands. They asked to see my funny plastic bills that we up here use as money and they squeeled a little too strangely for my liking. So I said thanks, grabbed my wood box and fled the chamber of games that they had set up.

So what next?

Number 2: Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu

It's been a while since I played a Pandemic game and this twist on gameplay using madness and cults as the infection was really fun. I've yet been able to beat the great old ones with my mates but we're still trying.

Asthetics aside this game has some fun twists on the game. Gameplay will even evolve and change based on the state of your role (more like Character) and the state of the game. Gods popping up in each case change the game or just fuck it up for a turn - much more interesting each time instead of the normal things just get worse in the basic Pandemic game.

Number 1: Scythe

This was not a contest. Once I got my hands on this game it was over for all other games this year and for a long time from now. This game is simply beautiful and fun. I feel like I'm playing a piece of art and enjoying the design of a well wrought game.

The family and friends who've played this game have loved the experience of it and this Holiday you know the Bears are walking around in the great post war world of mechs and Telsa coils.

- Cheers