2 Dec 2016

Its starts with the first page...

This post has been a long time coming. Funny as the subject of the post is about finally getting into something.

I wrote the first page I hope to write more.

Life has not been easy these past months. Work, and work, illness and death in Lady Bear's family, my health scare, an offset schedule, Remembrance Day, tight wallets, getting behind with the cottage dream, and the horror of the upcoming Winter Season Holidays (a bad thing for someone who loathes Christmas).

Last night it happened. While Lady Bear was deep into her first binge of a tense sci-fi TV series (Orphan Black), I finally wrote that first page. I've tried in the past to put it on paper. I've drafted synopsis, characters, backgrounds, settings, events... the whole shebang.

I've never written the first page.

It took me an hour to get through it, to find the voice between the idea. To have the words start flowing. Once I got the engine warmed up, I wrote that page. Then I re-wrote it and after an hour I was happy with my page.

I've been inspired by the efforts of others and the lazy stance I've had all this time.

Lady J has asked that I read her first draft of her book. It took me three hours to read through what she had. My notes were put on my phone's notepad/quicknote function. Afterwards I pasted them at the end of an email where stream of consciousness took over at eleven thirty pm to give her my full attention.

I've read and was at the book release for Maynard James Keenan's Biography. He insights and experiences were interesting as Alan Cross moderated the event asking questions and littering the events with humor, depth, and notes of history. Maynard was sick and it ended quite quickly, lasting only two hours, but I was happy and inspired by the event. Inspired... more ashamed that I haven't gotten off my ass to write what I want to write.

The folks I work with suffer through my rambles and the reply when I decide to take in oxygen is always: "You should write a book." A slap to my ego's face every time I hear that. I want to scream, I've always wanted to. I've got ideas. I've got a few ideas primed and ready. The words should have been - every time, I'm writing one right now.

That would have been a lie.

So the first page is done. My next step is the second page. A few steps after that I'd like to finish the chapter. Once that's done I'd like to write another chapter.

I'm writing. I'm finally writing.

It all started with a first page.

- Cheers