31 Dec 2016

2016 ya done

Well its the end of the year. I writing this post two weeks ahead of time to make sure that I get it out in time. This post I will be addressing the entity that we've named 2016. Crafted between the moments of time we call years, made of more DNA called days and hours. 2016 is beast of a year, one of great change and in many cases not for the best.

You're done 2016.

My wife lost her two grandmothers and you kinda sucked in making those deaths a month apart.

We lost our home that we planned our next five years around, now we've had to make another home but the pace we set to start our dreams has stumbled.

You were witness to the strangest election of the United States of America as one who all laughed at took the seat of power from someone who may not have been much better.

Conflict rises and people suffer and yet this year it seems we found more ways to do harm to each other and we're watching it today.

You scared me with death in a manner that I could not do anything in reply but wait for good news. Never once have I been so weak and powerless.

I've changed in you 2016, I changed because more times than I expected you had something unpleasent for me instead of a better forward.

I really hope your sibling 2017 does more with the time it represents.

I know I will. I will try with my life partner to make things better in our lives and hopefully do something that will make a moment better in the life of someone else. I will try to do more and be better.

I will try. That's the best I can do.

You 2016, the best you can do is get the fuck out of here and never come back. You have 23 hours make the best of them...

- Fuck you 2016.