9 Nov 2016

It happened

The demagogue has left the stage and taken over the town hall. As per the ongoing and pending lawsuits this man who's business practices are described as criminal will now lead one of the world's most powerful countries. By reaching out to the common denominator he has claimed the seat of power along with the other two branches of government.

Maybe this was the people deciding that their hopeful leader was not enough. As much as he wanted, Obama's success were moderate in great part to conflict with the other branches of governments. This election result could be the culmination of frustrations. To just get something done without all the pissing around that's hampered the American government the last eight years.

This is coming from an observer who's from Canada. Both of my parents are poor baby boomers who made themselves educated and successful. I am a middle class, educated, white male. My family even though educated never cross the portcullis into the fortress of academia but compared to many Americans my education may create a divide between myself and my southern neighbors.

I expect many changes. Maybe these are the changes that will burn it all down and the United States will rise from the ashes. Canada and Mexico will be challenged as will the rest of the world. Their is a shift in world power.

I hope this does not go like the Brexit. Where folks interviewed were filled with a buyers remorse. Many who voted were commenting the next day on social media that maybe they made a mistake.

In the end we are now awaiting the coming of President Trump. His leadership will hopefully make some progress. I hope the cost of this progress is not as high as I fear.

I'm afraid. So are many in the business world as financial markets react to his election. There is a great unknown ahead of us and that fear is also exciting.

This will be interesting.

- Cheers