4 Oct 2016

The quiet before the storm...

... but it's not that quiet.

So my day job is super busy. We're about to roll out and when that happens I'm working 49 out of 61 days. Starting 17 October I'll be putting in three 12 day stretches, a 8 day stretch, and a 5 day stretch of work. I'm gona be le fucking tired when I have some down time. My other job has also been busy as all hell and I've just passed on to my second job bosses this news I got yesterday.

So here's the skinny on what the deuce I've been doing and what's on the go.

Well I missed the Kalidesh pre-release, completely gapped the events. The set is looking interesting and I'm seeing lots of Rogues and I like the feel of the Aetherborn. Commander 2016 is still on the hush and I've not seen a lot from that set yet. The Planechase Anthology is looking good and I'm interested in it but it may be an end of year pick up. I missed the Planechase set and it's Planeshifting mechanics are a neat twist to Magic the Gathering. For me the next big release is Amonkhet the Egyptian themed block that follows Kalidesh and Aether Revolt.

Infinity wise the Kessel Run has been great in supporting the short time we've been there. Right now we're playing games of Infinity RECCON - go look up it up on Data-Sphere and you'll find the rules. It's a great way to play small games of Infinity without watering down the experience. The six missions are well sorted and balanced. Army generation is neat and they make sense. I also love using my painted MDF terrain on the 24x36 paper mats that come with products like Operation: Ice Storm and Operation: Red Veil. I've even started painting again and I'm 1/4 finished all my PanO minis, next up is the Nomads that came with Operation: Ice Storm. Lady Bear has been super supportive and helped me sort out the office so I can get back to work - when I have the juice to do so.

I've been playing MechWarrior Online - I have a post drafted on this topic but understand the game is neat and it's allowing me to play some quick and rewarding matches as the weather turns cold and while I have little energy to work on anything else. Video game wise, I play very little due to little time and most of my games need larger blocks or I just don't have the energy to jump in and play. Mass Effect Andromeda is looking good and will be bought once they sort it out. I have Dishonored 2 on my radar but sadly that's all I can think of. Which is not so bad, I'm behind in my games so the break is ok.

I've been watching TV and when I don't pass out on the couch, I'm enjoying Longmire season 5 and Luke Cage season 1. Nothing else has caught my attention recently and I'm waiting for the next waves of films.

So that's it. I'm busy at work so I can be even busier at work. My free time is spend resting and helping folks out when I've got any juice left in me. It's start of October and I'm already looking forward to the month of December when it all calms down.

Oh last thing! Lady Bear and I are planning a trip in March of 2017 for the South Western States but I'll write more later. Until then I'm busy and slow but I'm still here.

- Cheers