14 Oct 2016

The Plan

Unless you’re Yasha, who is enjoying nice gentile 3 meter waves at sea, you may not be familiar with “the plan”.

That sound is God laughing at your “plan”. All plans are doomed to fail upon first contact with the enemy. Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans. All human plans [are] subject to ruthless revision by Nature, or Fate, or whatever one preferred to call the powers behind the Universe.

There is a lack of confidence in “the plan”.

We’ll I have a “plan”.

With the launch at my day job my schedule will change. My work day will start at 1200. I’ll eat lunch, drive from 20-30 mins, grab a coffee and be ready to start for 1300. My friends and more importantly my wife will be on opposite sides of the waking day for 49 out of 61 days starting Monday.

Yet I’ve always wanted to regularly wake up, start the coffee machine, go back into the office – work on things I want to work on. I’ll have plenty of ‘me’ time and I’m planning to paint once a day for the next nine weeks. Put down a few coats of paint for about two hours everyday and I’ll see some major progress. It will still leave me with about three to four hours before I need to make lunch, pack supper, and drive the ten minutes to get to the job site. I have Dreadball, Human Interface: Nakamura Tower, and plenty of Infinity and Warmahordes to paint up.

I’ll have time to work on Magic Decks. I’ve got a transforming equip deck that I’m trying to build. With all the new Rogues and the newest race, the Aetherborne, from the Kalidesh set I’m looking forward to putting something together. I’ve always wanted a Rogue tribal deck and I think this is the time to pull it off. Lastly I’m starting to ready my White-Black deck with creatures that sport First Strike and Deathtouch.

I’ll also be working on my writing and putting down some major ideas on paper. This will include my Magic the Gathering RPG using the A.G.E. game system. I’m also looking at converting the classic West End Game, Star Wars d6 DarkStryder Campaign to the current StarWars system. I’ve also been reading my old Wraith the Oblivion books with ideas forming and looking for a place to land.
In the end I’ll have time and with all the vacation time I’m earning I hope to be enjoy my video game time come the holiday season. Lady Bear and I have already started planning to hit the original Dire States event, Rumble on Route 66 in New Mexico come the 16 March next year. I’ll also be keeping my leave handy for GENCON 2017 which I will not be missing.

When this critical work project is done it will be the week leading up to the holiday season and I’ll be ready for all the fun.

Until then, I’m going to enjoy this weekend and get ready for a crazy 9 weeks starting Monday.

- Cheers