19 Oct 2016

Day 3

It's 0650 EST in Ottawa. The sun has started to show evidence to it's rise and dim patches of light ebb their way over the tall grass fields that surround my subdivision. I have Moby in tow, we've just come back from what has become our morning walks. I'm approaching the flat where the open kitchen widow has let the smell of the coffee seep out into the early morning. I make a fresh pot, just enough for two small cups of coffee, before I take out Moby. Once the winter snows cover the ground being able to let him out anywhere will change. None of the neighbors want to see pools of half melted yellow snow, so I'm getting the old dog get used to moving away from the flat.

It's also an excuse to wake up and keep my current sleep schedule. I don't leave for work until noon and I've been home the last two nights around 2130 (9pm). It leaves me some time to see Lady Bear as she's settled in the bed, already at Morpheus' doorstep. We chat as we drift off to sleep. She'll wake up at 0430 rising for her early morning job for Parliament. I'll wake up when she says good bye and slow rise fighting off the urge to go back to sleep.

This is the third day of 9 weeks of intensive work. I have after today I still will be working the next nine days in a row before I get my first day off. It will be a blissful four days off before another twelve day stint of working the odd side of the day.

I make a fresh breakfast with Moby tired from our short walk lying in on the floor nearby. He's emptied his bowl of water and finished the food in his bowl. I quick have toast with butter and an egg scrambled. A blend of soft spices keeps me from adding salt while still keeping the egg flavor. With the food I take my dose of medication to keep the gout at bay. It seems to flair up every morning, my right foot slightly swollen due from standing for most of the day in front of my audience who between rounds of chaos take on my instruction.
Dire Foes: Mission Pack 1 - Train Rescue
by Corvus Beli

Today I'm planning on working on the next step of my PanOceania for Infinity. Yesterday I completed the rest of the basses and I base coated all my minis. I have the whole slew of miniatures from the Operation: Ice Storm Starter box. A limited edition Joan of Arc from Angel Giraldez's Masterclass Vol.1. I also have Bipandra from my Dire Foes box set, a Jotum, and the Fusiliers box set to go. Today I'll be working on the armour platting.

I have two hours to spend on the minis. In between coats of paint I'll be running some laundry, taking a shower, and listening to music. I may even get about 30 mins of time on Dues Ex: Mankind Divided on the perma-death setting aptly named 'I didn't ask for this'. I don't want to waste the time playing video games and I have plenty of minis to work on.

So far the new schedule is working out but I do miss Lady Bear and I'm looking forward to Saturday and Sunday when we get to spend the morning together before I leave for work.

Well that's me so far.

- Cheers