30 Oct 2016

Day 14

It's my second day off of my two day break... some folks would call it a weekend. The twelve day stint of work that ended last Friday was long and because of the long 9+ hour days, I leave at 1200 (latest) and I'm back by 2130 (soonest), the last couple of days of the work cycle ended up being me becoming a vegetable. Simply beat and I'm not adding any of the day to day chores and stuff that I need to catch up on... harder when locked away form the world.

Yesterday was a perfect looking day. Hang out and XCOM 2 while painting with Sarge. Drink some vodka and eat from Indian food. Hit the Red's for some beer and fall smoked BBQ chicken wings, hang out with folks, and get some game on.

Instead I started to crash hard around noon, by the time 1500 came around I was sick. Cough, low fever... I'm fighting something and I really wanted to enjoy my down time not fight a biological enemy.

So I rest - I need to be ready the next stint is 14 days long...

- Cheers