20 Sep 2016

Where has Dozer gone!

It has been about 20 days, and math sucks...I also don’t care.

I have a fancy old school drafting table that needs a home. I have boxes of books to store in my brother’s basement since we moved into the house in August.

As the first Canadian backer to get his pledge reward for the Secret Hitler Kickstarter, I’ve only played the fantastic game three times. The number is only one larger but the same can be said for my special edition of Scythe.

Since returning from GENCON I’ve not been able to do a single lick of painting and I wanted to start up a weekly game of Infinity and a demo night at my LGS (Local Game Store).

My day job is spooling up for a major release that has been 3 plus years in the making. Since joining the project 2 years ago on 3 September 2014, I’ve been busy learning the product and becoming a bit of a master so I can teach it to others.

My second job has me in a new position as I await my medical for word of my promotion. Seems having a CPAP machine make me no longer valid for promotion and my whole medical history had to be reviewed. Of course this year starts off with a bang and instead of ramping up to a good start we scrambled into a series of wet hot messes that are one; getting more tolerable or two; getting better – maybe a bit of both.

So with work being crazy before GENCON and both job jumping to elven since GENCON my time off. This has made things hard for me to enjoy my time off or at least where I can direct whatever juice I got left in the bones. Work 12 hour days over the course of two jobs sucks. Lady Bear dislikes the evening or over super e-mail from one job person or another, whose lack of planning is now trying to become my emergency. Some of them I need to deal with since the only people fucked in those situations are gone be me and mine.

Last weekend I worked after a long week at work and this week was also long and this weekend is another on the job site away from my family and home.

I’m tried and sadly this project of posting and writing practice was an initial casualty. Other casualties were my painting and Infinity projects, the unpacking and setup of the office/guest room, any games that require focus and attention.

Let’s get into the update after the break…

Fallout 4 has been a wonder. I’ve loaded all my DLC and I’m quite a few hours into my survival mode play through. I takes a lot of focus and dying really puts you back if you haven’t had time to grab a nap. So I’ve put it aside until I have time to chill and enjoy the Commonwealth. Dues Ex: Mankind Divided. What a game took all the good stuff from the last game, Dues Ex: Human Revolution and when farther. The story is a bit lack luster compared to the last one. In the previous game you’re a security specialist who falls afoul of a giant conspiracy that affects the world directly. In this game you are trying to rout out the organization responsible from the last game while also solving a local terrorist attack. Seems like the scale of the primary story shrunk and the scope of the B story arcs were expanded somewhat. The action is quick, the levels brilliant and the exploration very rewarding. My favorite mode is the hardcore mode “I didn’t ask for this” where you suffer perma-death. Let’s say that I’ve become familiar with the intro mission and I’ve lost way too many hours to a stupid choice. It’s an experience that is equally frustrating and rewarding. If you have the will – play it. It’s a lovely game. I’m still waiting for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate to go on sale – I’ve got plenty of games so I’m in no rush. I really hope when the game comes back it comes back with the vigor the series needs. Speaking of an Ubisoft franchise being reborn – Ghost Recon: Wild Lands. I really hope it’s not disappointing. I loved the first entry of the series and I really hope this small co-op team focused entry fixes and puts that needed juice back into the army of Ghost Recon. If Ubisoft can do that maybe they can save Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell series. XCOM2 Sergeant and I are looking forward to cold winter evenings filled with beer, foods and couch co-op. We need to save the world and XCOM 2 is a great game. A game that fits better with shitty weather and long dark night eating Indian Food and thinking that hostile alien races are just as bad as the militaristic and aggressive Ghandi from Civilisation: Revolution. Suicide Squad was a 3 out of 5, Jason Bourne also a 3 out of 5. Both had great moments and both felt a wee bit forced and not running in top form. Star Trek Beyond was fun and earns an easy 4. Lots of homage to the original series while making you think when you looked hard at the stuff going on in the back ground. Look at the change of a military to a peacekeeping/exploration force and what that means to folks whose experience does not fit that mold. What do you do with them without casting them aside? Independence Day: Resurgence was fun and felt like the last film. Otherwise my summer movie selection was sparse due to lack of time or I’ve already written about the two Superhero conflict films. The Omega is one of the blogs I read and he has a great battle report that he posted. Otherwise I got my Human Interface: Nakamura Tower set and I’m eager to get some time to paint up the slew of minis that kickstarter provided. We'll I'm back now. Dozer