1 Sep 2016

Some Good News.

I’ve been slowly moving into the wide crazy world of American Football. The NFL is a strange beast to me yet since I don’t work alone and my coworkers are all NFL fans I decided to take up a team to follow this season.

Following a team also means that I was to be introduced to what Football is to those who live in the United States of America.

Footballers like Travis Rudolph have a celebrity about them that matches Hollywood stars. 

Do you know 11-year-old Bo Paske?

I didn’t until this. Travis saw a young man, Bo Paske sitting alone. Bo normally sits alone because kids are treating him differently due to his autism. Now the young autistic man does not sit alone.

A simple gesture that made the world seem less shitty. Less to do with blond tuffs of lint in suits making plays for world power. Less to do with folks getting shot and bombed across the world. Less to do with racial inequality. Less to do with a dying world... it was a simple gesture that made me smile.

So today I heard some good and that’s a good start to a new fall season.

I’m back and I’m starting with a good vibe.

- Cheers