15 Aug 2016

GENCON 2016 - Part 3

Ontos and I had decided as we got closer to GENCON that we would leave on Saturday if there was nothing going on that evening. As we drove the 13 hours from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to Indianapolis, Illinois, USA we started to throw around the idea of leaving Saturday afternoon. We both had a two brush blending event to go to but it was not the focus of the trip.

The Corvus Belli seminar was the key show for us when we planned and it was top of our list. We decided as we (well me, Ontos was DD) poured ourselves into our room, post drinking with folks, that the painting event was not worth better driving conditions so we made the call to leave the next afternoon.

Dozer waiting for the seminar to start
The plan was simple. Park the car, see the seminar, do a final round of shopping in the vendors hall, and get the fuck on the road to enjoy Sunday at home before we being back to work on Monday (Ontos and I work together as well).
GENCON Corvus Beli Seminar 2016
Dozer is drinking is Coffee while everyone else gawks
First off the seminar started like this...

Javier G. Ureña @ work
Note the 'work' he is working on
It was awesome. Two hours flew by and being someone who's watched previous years of Carlos Llauger Lorenzo do his thing you'll remember he is not one to keep to his timings. Well this year not only did he keep to the clock but he made sure to have enough time for a Q&A with himself, Corvus Beli CEO Fernando Liste, and painter supreme Ángel Giráldez.

The seminar started off with updates on how the company is doing.

CEO Fernando Liste @ work
Note where his desk is located
We were introduced to Javier G. Ureña a local sculptor who showed off some work which didn't meet the Corvus Beli standard for miniatures but they kept him on and as such they shaped him into a wonder in 3D sculpting.

Hearing this was awesome for me. As a trainer by profession I love organizations that invest in people.

We also got to see how Fernando Liste does business. Carlos even mentioned that the CEO has his desk in the cubicle farm along the rest of the Corvus Beli employees.

Leading from the trenches is not a style I expect to see and yet I'm not surprised that Covus Beli who only two years ago were breaking into employee numbers of 20 is now in the 50s. This style of leadership gives a sense of a healthy company.

Makes me like this company more and more and it shows a human side instead of a more corporate side with some other companies like Games Workshop.

Shameless Marketing
After jabbering on about the company success and some upcoming events he started into the real meat. Ángel Giráldez has a second Masterclass Painting Book coming out soon-ish and Carlos made sure to let everyone know that once more Ángel is the owner of the product and Crovus Beli is the publisher. The are partners and I think that's not a bad idea. Carlos went into some details and explained it would have a mini and it would be organized by faction.

He then showed off ten new ideas floating around the company including a fantasy game... again only ideas. Carlos said it was shameless marketing and walked us through all ten ideas.

Carlos gave us a preview of the upcoming Manga which looks awesome. Every time I see another bit or piece of the Manga the more I'm impressed. It has a real 80s/90s feel to the style and art. The artist looks like he was influenced by Katsuhiro Otomo, Masamune Shirow, and Kenichi Sonoda all who I am a fan of.

New Bakunin Starter Box
He also added some updates from Warsenal who showed off their new Haqqislam terrain which is looking pretty slick in the design step. Their first piece was the Warsenal Studio B of Maya Cast fame where they sold a limited edition version at this years GENCON - which I picked up contrary to my no new terrain rule.

SWAST Workup
Lastly was the preview of the new set of minis coming over the next year. Highlights included the 300 pt Tahoo army box in the same vein as the Onix First Contact Force. The final name of the next Haqqislam sectorial faction and plenty of new minis.

My favorites of the showcase were the Nomads in particular the new Bakunin starter box. It's sporting my favorite mini the Sin-Eater, 2 Moderators, a Riot-Grrl (with new sculpt), a new Reverend Moira (to add to my SWC box), and a new Die Morlock.

SWAST 3D Render
Bakunin was my first faction and Nomads is my primary faction to play. They have been getting a lot of love since N3 was released and I'm not complaining. The top preview of show was the SWAST a new unit whose profile first showed up in Human Sphere N3 and all of us from the Praxis Black Labs have been eager to see what it was going to look like.

It looks awesome.

I can't wait for it's release and the release of the new Bakunin starter to add to my ranks of Nomads. I have a love for the other two but my true loyalties are found in the Vaudeville's Bouboutiques.

Corvus Beli did everyone at the seminar a solid and we all got a copy of the last year's GENCON miniature Van Zant.

At the end of the seminar a few folks had to rush off and get ready for the final Infinity tournament that afternoon. I lingered a bit with Ontos and we took time to say goodbye to all the folks we had met and/or got drunk with through the week. Ontos snagged a photo with the gents at Maya Cast and I made sure to say cheers to Ian (from my interlude post).

We hit the vendors hall one more time. I tried to snag the last of the major shopping list that was given to me. Only Yasha and Sarge were left without a treat and some folks had to settle for different pick ups. I even missed out on snagging a Alpha Bag from Battlefoam because I was so busy on Friday playing Infinity and Thursday was a mad house.

Tom, Dozer, Ontos, and Kip
GENCON 2016 was slick
We got on the road and after a quick 5 hour drive to the Detroit/Ontario boarder we re-entered Canada... and proceed to get stuck in traffic. The overnight drive which was supposed to be faster than the 13 hour drive in turned into a 14 hour drive in the dark. I rolled Ontos home by 0415 and I was kissing Lady Bear by 0445.

GENCON 2016 was over and we were already in the planning for next year.

Next Post is a slew of image dumps and shorts that didn't make it into the last couple of posts.

- Cheers