13 Aug 2016

GENCON 2016 - Part 2

So it's Friday and we have to be there for 8am for the 9am start of the 9 hour, 4 round Infinity Tournament. The Taxi didn't come so it was a last minute scramble to drive into downtown Indianapolis and find parking before a slew of other nerds took all the spots.

I may have driven the wrong way on a 4 lane one way street but I fixed myself and we found some brilliant parking that was close enough but past the lazy nerd line so few convention folks fought to get access.

Ontos at the Tournament
We arrived on time at 8am and we were greeted by Yuriko Oda herself. My playing the Japanese Sectorial Army made me feel pretty good and took it as a sign of a great day.

Feeling pretty good
I had no fucking clue how awesome it was going to be but it was the best day and evening of GENCON 2016.

My first opponent was none other than Kip Parcel of Maya Cast. I had met the guy the previous day and he seemed like a cool dude. I've be listening to him and Tom all the way back in the old O-12 days (the precursor and inferior pod cast before Maya Cast).

Match 1 - Parcell11 
Tom and Kip showed up with team shirts and sported patches that showed off their faction for the event. This has inspired me to look up shirts and styles for us Ottawa folks and I'm looking forward to be sporting a team Canada shirt for next year. Ontos has demanded that it includes some sort of plaid much like my local football team the Ottawa Redblacks.

Shirts aside, Kip brought a USAriadna Ranger Force which sported some slick choices for units. His core firebase was made up of two snipers, a paramedic, an HMG, and a lone grunt. With some Foxtrot Rangers, a bike with a disposable launcher, and some remotes Kip had a tight list that looked very nice on the table and very intimidating for his opponent.

I had some ninja, a Aragoto Hacker, a full Keisotsu Butai fire team, and a pair of Karakuri robots. My Oniwaban didn't make the infiltration and as such ended up touching the deployment zone. At first I was unhappy because this left me with only my two Ninja Hackers (Killer Hacking Device and Assault Hacking Device) up field alone without the Oniwaban to give that depth to my initial sneak attack which is know for being a one shot trick that lacks staying power.

Round one ended up testing that effect of the USARF fireteam and watching the Foxtrot Rangers move up and take objectives. The real kick in the pants was the arrival of Van Zan in my back lane killing my Aragoto Hacker in a surprise burst of gunfire. Van Zan then moved to the center back of my deployment line and the great duel started with my ninja master the Oniwaban.

Van Zan turned the corner and snapped up his pistol while my Oniwaban faced him and half drew his mono-filament katana. They stared each other down before the tension broke and Van Zan fired at the Oniwaban who dodged towards the US Ranger running up walls and rolling to avoid the fire. My first action was the finish the fight and squaring off each other axe versus katana the Oniwaban rushed in and cut down Van Zan. This was the most epic duel of the tournament and a start to a great event.

After the duel my dice decided to go home and one by home the USARF moved forward, dismantling my failing response and quickly left me with on a single Karakuri in the bottom of the last round. About to die active only from using V: Dogged, the Karakuri walked out of the center rear building and with Heavy Shotgun in hand proceeded to roll criticals one after another dropping USARF members as the Japanese robot slowly fell apart.

Match 2 - TorkaThor

This was a good match I had the shit kicked out of me but it was fun which soothed the beatings. Kip was great a opponent and was the perfect start to the event.

My next opponent was Steve. Normally a Yu-Jing player, Steve brought Pan-O which included a WIP Jotum TAG and some heavy infantry. It was a nice looking set of minis and Steve had a look about him that told me he had a knack for these types things.

I used my second list, this event allowed players to have two lists ready to swap between once you sorted out table, classified objectives, and scenario. My second list had a full unit of Domaru Butai, two ninja, a Kempetai and two Keisotsu Butai (HMG and Missile Launcher).

In this scenario specialists are needed to open a container and then escape with the goods inside. The person needs to keep control of the goods to earn points. My idea was simple have my two ninja ready to pounce on the objective once it was freed by my opponent. Use the ninja as traps and have my opponent pick the more vulnerable one by using the weight of my block of Domaru to scare him into the one with the better ninja. My line infantry are used to keep the pressure on from a distance without killing too many of my opponents units. I still need him to open the container.

So first turn went well my HMG was a wanabe sniper who only fired crits until he was put down. My Domaru held the center as Steve advanced on the two side objectives leaving cover fire to keep me from the second objective. He did drop the Spitfire Domaru but I moved my Domaru left leaving the objective on the right vulnerable to his advances and now keeping the center objective under threat. I still need to keep Steve from getting objective points once I had stolen the one objective that looked safe.

Match 3 - DeadOx
The rest of the game was smoke, ninja and Domaru throwing E/M grenade after E/M grenade. I shut down a HI Orc trooper, his Jotum and keep his Father Knight at bay. A lucky shot killed my Ninja and I almost tied the game with my sole specialist (my Kempetai) after he simply ran his only objective away into the corner once he figured out what I was doing. Steve liked the idea and mentioned that he would try out a similar strategy in the future... while he beat the living shit out of me.

I think I had a great concept but my execution of the idea is where I went wrong. I was really happy with the Domaru and I think they really pulled their weight.

My third game was against Jake. He was touting a solid Onix force and we had the scenario Highly Classified. I had placed a ninja next to his HVT and had to really be patient with keeping it until the 3rd turn when I made it show up, do it's thing and run behind Jake's line earning the coup degras objective.

It was the toughest of the fights I had all day. My Karakuri proved its worth again and my linked team was chewed up through the match. I was at 3-1 in objectives by the time it was his last turn when he scooped up the rest of the objectives and won the game in a fucking awesome blaze of glory. I didn't think he was going to pull the win but this was a good way to be proven wrong - when great play shows up.

I'm remembering plays of cutting up my units bit by bit, dropping a Fracta in the middle of the base and locking out any future advancing, and hacking my ninja to death (as my ninja was a hacker) and getting his Umbra Legates into close combat and cutting down my Oniwaban.

After that game I played Ontos and ours ended quickly and could be summed up with of a picture of a Robot walking all over a bunch of Sam-ber-rai, Cyber-rai, Cyborg Samurai... you get the idea. Domaru Butai.

The winner was Kip who played Tom, his Maya Cast partner in crime.

The night ended well. An hour or so later we were sitting on a patio drinking beers and having a great night. Ian from my last post and multiple Crystal Brush winner Steve Garcia.

End of Day 2 - Beers with Kewl Dudes
(L-R): Tom, Ian, Strain, Garcia, and Kip
- Cheers