8 Aug 2016

GENCON 2016 - Part 1

Edit: Seems the post went up early last night by accident and I wasn't finished with my edits. Sorry for the confusion. - Dozer

So I'm back from GENCON 2016 and the take away is... I'm already planning to be back next year for GENCON 2017 aka the 50th GENCON.

Ontos and the main doors it's 3 hours until they open
So how was the first day?

Well the hotel breakfast was shit. It was pure cheep food and looking at it I felt that grabbing anything and putting into my belly would cause me distress in a place that loosing my shit (literally) would be poor form and not that much fun. Could even put a damper on the whole event and that's a lame way to start my first GENCON experience.

Ontos and I drove in, snagged some valet parking at the Omni Hotel across the way and found ourselves by the front door around 0700. We were part of the early birds, twenty odd sodds who were sitting around playing Magic and Pokemon Go.

The parking was pre-paid months ago with Parking Panda. The service was super easy and looking back it made our first day of GENCON that much better. Same cost as the car parks down the street and yet it was across the way from the convention center. If you're going to drive around, use the service it was simple and we were regularly able to go back to the car and dump the spoils of our search through the day.

By 0800 it looked liked this:

Magic, 3DS, and cell phones.
By 0830 the place started to get packed and the doors were to open at 1000.

They gather... 
Then the doors opened and the crowds were wild.

I did notice that many a person decided to cut in front of the line. Looking back at images that are too blurry and shitty to post here, I did notice there was only 6 people in front of us. By the time we were standing up there were about 12 in front of us.

To excited, not aware of there surrounding, self involved... you know what in most cases I'd be raging about dick bags who need to get kicked and so on, but it was GENCON. I was happy to be there and letting a few more folks get in front of the line was no big deal.

Within moments Ontos and I sprung into action and raced to the Corvus Beli booth. If you look closely behind the glass showcase you will see Ontos and I at the back of the line. It was a mad house.

I snagged my copy and pulled out. I had to wait  to try and pick up more copies as my funds were limited until Friday so I had enough for myself. I had driven 13 hours and I decided that I had earned that bit of selfish behavior. Sadly on the next day I did miss out helping Yasha, by the time I got back they had copies of Operation: Red Veil and Mushashi but alas the Unknown Ranger was gone.

So once we met up with some more Infinity players, including saying hi to Tom and Kip of Maya Cast which earned my a custom token. They seemed really chill as did many of the other Infinity Fans in the booth.

I remember getting half way down the line and getting of the service folks to start handing me product so I could pass it back down the line and make sure everyone had a copy. It was like that for a solid ten minutes as folks helped each other out to get the slick new toys. Mad house yes but polite and filled with few cheese dicks.
After searching the rest of the vendors hall for about an hour, Ontos ditched me and went off to play some demos. I continued my RECCE and looked around. The place was packed and demo games were at every booth.

I tried to hit the Privateer Press both but it was the crazy.

The Privateer Press booth and the 2 hour line
So after Ontos finished some events including a playtest of MERCS 2.0 with Megacon Games we hit the pub at the Omni Hotel and grabbed a pint before we went off and played the Thursday Modern Magic the Gathering event. The food was fucking good, the beer thirst quenching, and the quiet was even better. I have to admit that the first time in the Vendor Hall was overwhelming for Ontos and I.

We arrived at the Magic Event. I played 2-2 so I prized wining back my event cost in packs. I almost got 3-1 but the games were close, there was some tough competition the other side of the table and I just couldn't mill fast enough.

Ontos played each round 2-1 but he only won 1 round with 2-1 so he was 1-3 by the end of the event. I gave him one of my packs because with a version of the 30$ goat deck he played well, won with class, and lost gracefully. Most players who were there sported decks that broke 700$ and doing as well as he did with a deck of much lesser value means he played well, got lucky, and had earned the solo booster pack.

By 9pm we left the convention hall, grabbed some munchies and settled in the hotel and prepped our minis for the next day's 9 hour long Infinity Tournament. I went into paint and repair mode. Moving two days before GENCON made it hard for me to work on my minis but I did get enough time to base my Domaru Butai, my new Ninja with Tactical Bow and Killer Hacking Device, and at print off our lists in the business center of the hotel.

First Day Swag
Infinity RPG backer rewards
Secret Hitler backer reward
Operation: Red Veil and GENCON minis
We got to bed by 1230, we had to be at the event by 0800. Waking up and getting there with some manner of sleep was going to be... fun.

Spoiler alert, it was fun.

- Cheers