11 Aug 2016

GENCON 2016 - Interlude

I write poorly (sic post) about relationships and brother hood. It’s an important topic I like to explore from time to time.

As a gamer I feel this is important enough to have written (sic post) about it, more than once. Hell my second post, my first real post was all about the topic of not being able to call out for a table for one in my hobbies.

I’ve already mentioned in my last post about some people being oblivious while we waited for the doors of GENCON to open.

Instead I’m going to introduce you to Ian. Ian is a good person and a reason why my hobby will continue.
This is Ian

Ian was a gamer during my second day at GENCON who played next to me 3 out of 4 rounds but we never faced off across the pitch. He was a charming, awkwardly outgoing, and the most positive fucker I met over the weekend. After the 10 hours of Infinity on the second day a few of us gathered at a local brew house, Rockbottoms, and decided to get polluted.

Ian was the first one to meet up with Ontos and myself. We had grabbed a table, sat outside and enjoyed the high temperatures and humidity while drinking in a pair of very well crafted beers. I really enjoyed the dark beer Rockbottoms offered, while Ontos enjoyed the lighter wheat ale. We sat there and some of the locals chatted us up when I noticed Ian milling about the front. It took less than a second to tell the guy to come sit the fuck down and join us for a beer.

I learned a lot about Ian but one thing struck me as interesting. He mentioned he was awkward socially. I said “fuck that we’re at GENCON” the majority of the invading population is awkward as fuck. Ontos and I told Ian “who cares” as long as you’re yourself and you’re not an asshole. He seemed to relax a bit and smiled saying that’s what he does.

There we had it. A person comfortable in their own skin. Who knew enough about themselves, understanding that that the rest of the world is not worth making it like you for any reason. The world should like you for you being yourself.

Folks let me tell you about Ian. This player has been described as shitting rainbows because of how cheerful and positive he is. He was the most friendly and happy person I had met at GENCON and I don’t think I’ll find another like this guy.

Ian is a credit to our hobby.

I’d rather have an awkward but positive player at my table, hell in my hobby as a whole over a thousand dickbags and negative piss ants who are good at the game and spend money on the hobby.

Our hobby, that is to play games with folks, requires players. Other players make up 50% of a two-player game. Having someone else who’s just as involved in having a good time makes that match that much better. The experience as a whole will become superior.

So if you end up in Ian’s neck of the woods ask for a game. Next year at GENCON, when I’m not at a tournament I know I’ll be asking Ian for a game. Because why the fuck would I not want to play a great game with a brilliant opponent.

- Cheers