17 Aug 2016

GENCON 2016 - Fin

Today's post will be a barrage of images and short quips from my time at GENCON 2016.

Kewl showing at the Game Hall - a super sized version of King of Tokyo. There were lots of super sized games, like Catan kicking around the Game Hall.

King to Tokyo - Super Sized
Cos players were a plenty and missing Lady Bear I found two instances that I wanted to capture and show her.

I ran into Marceline and Princes Bubblegum
In the Gaming Hall
I met Nahiri and her knitted Emrakul
In the Vendors Hall
More after the break.

I also found some great news about next years GENCON. Legend of the Five Rings is coming back. The FF Booth Folks mentioned the RPG was also in the works. More on that as we get close to GENCON 2017.

Legend of the Five Rings
It will be at GENCON 2017
Next we have a few of the neat tables from the Infinity Event.

I wanted to fight on this table, more so when I spotted the Fauna which includes a Rancor. I saw Tom of Maya Cast play on here game three with a guy named Bruno and it looked like an interesting table to battle on.

Infinity Tournament Table - Ice Planet
My third game was here and I had control of the other side of the table.

Infinity Tournament Table - Ariadna Outpost
My second game was here and I was on the other side of the table.

Infinity Tournament Table - Yu-Jin City
I wanted to play on this table but it was always taken by the time I was introduced to my player. I called it Stonehenge when we first arrived, only the tournament organizers were on there and the name stuck. By the end of the event everyone else was calling it Stonehenge.

Infinity Tournament Table - "Stonehenge"
A neat looking jungle station and a great alternative purpose for the Kum Garage by Warsenal, followed by a neat city table.

Infinity Tournament Table - Jungle Station

Infinity Tournament Table - Downtown
 Lastly here are some highlights from my matches. First up is my match with Kip.

Van Zant staring at my Oniwaban
Things are about to get ugly
Now if you listen to Maya Cast, this set of dice rolls were mentioned in particular by Kip sometime between min 54-56. Now this roll was massive and we were hooting and hollering when it dropped. So I snagged a picture. When it happened again I thought why not take pics of these crazy never going to happen again rolls. I stopped taking pictures at the third incident... ignored the forth. The fifth set of rolls in the 18-20 range made the whole situation normal. Awe well. 

The die roll that set the game
Note that Kip rolled the 18-20 and I rolled the 20-20
Once more rolling double 20s
During my second game here are some of the shots showing the state of Steve's Heavy Infantry and TAG. Both victims to E/M grenades. I didn't have Immobilised 2 tokens so I used d6's showing off the number 2 instead.

E/M Gernades make statues
Here are images from my last game of the event with Ontos.
Ontos setting up
My full link team of Domaru down minus the one Spitfire.
Next up TAG toe jam as they all get stomped
Kip and Tom playing for the top spot
Carlos looks on
From the Privateer Press Booth I found a crazy amount of shit but most of my pics were crowds of folks trying to buy their stuff.
A giant life sized Pygmy 
Wyrmwood was showing up a new GM screen system alongside their dice towers, dice cases, and rolling surfaces. Below you see a drawer system, with the flip-able center screen, windowed side screens, and the initiative tracker tokens on the screen. The whole system works on rounded magnest to keep it all linked and the option of putting what you want image wise for PCs and reference wise for the GM is fucking brilliant.
Interactive GM screen by Wyrmwood
Captain's Dead, a kewl looking game that is printable on demand. Episode 3 will be coming to kickstarter in the coming months and I may pick it up if they have a pledge that comes with the core game and the first expansion Episode 2.
Captains Dead a co-operative board game of survival
Across the street was the Omni hotel. It had a Starbucks but the bar in the lobby had some great food and even better local beers. The burger was well received by Ontos but the bartender said that the Steak Tacco was so good, it might make it to me. I have to say I understand the comment - it was fucking good.
The best Steak Tacco I've ever had

This was really neat and it means that Paizo is about to launch a new sci-fi game alongside their current game Pathfinder called Starfinder. Neat.
First thing you see when you walk into the Convention Center

Well that's it for me and GENCON 2016.

- Cheers