3 Jul 2016

Operation Red Veil

I called it more than once.

Corvus Beli always said that they would have another 2 player starter box and it's been two GenCons since Operation: Ice Storm.

Wow - so what do I think?

Firstly I need to address the new Ninja. It's the exclusive Yu-Jing mini for the game and it looks far to slick for me to pass up this product. I am now really looking forward to getting the new Ninja minis and I'm hoping a Ninja SWC box shows up.

I've been eyeing a ISS force and this box just did that in for me. I've also bee thinking of doing up a QK space pirate force and again the other half of this box is meeting those needs. 

The other reason I'm looking at this box is the quality of the previous two player starter. Operation: Ice Storm was fucking slick and I think Operation: Red Veil will be just as good.

With both starters I feel I'd be really able to show up and start doing demos at Kessel Run in Orleans once I move there at the end of the month. Being able to swap in and out between both products will keep the demos fresh for both me and the new players.

I knew this was coming and I've been talking to Ontos about my idea since Feb and I've mentioned it a few times here. I'm glad I was right.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about what's coming in the box. This also means I already know the first purchase of  GenCon.

That's a quick update from me as I finish off the Canada Day long weekend and start the month of packing. I've already packed 80% of my terrain away and I've started to slowly pack away the lab.

- Cheers