13 Jul 2016

Mid Summer Update

The move is coming along. By the end of the weekend the rest of the lab will be packed up. By Saturday brunch the table will be killed and carted off. Right now my tools are all packed up. My hobby materials are all stored in a grab a go which has everything including my new very quiet air compressor. The terrain is loaded and packed since last weekend. As of this writing half of the lab is packed and put away. My Magic the Gathering collection will be last since Lady Bear and I have a pre-release this Sunday and we have a whole new injection of cards coming one Eldritch Moon launches the following week. As such next week will be the final clean up and shuffle of basement materials. It will be empty by the time 23 July rolls into view.

So updates to follow the break.

My eyes are healing well. I have great vision at some distances but it goes fuzzy on and off at other distances. My CPAP trial is now over and I’m now in process of getting my own machine – paying for my own machine. Of course this happens during a unplanned move, a planned vacation GENCON… which is not going to be cheap once I start hitting booths.

TV wise I’m ok with how Persons of Interest finished. I preferred the episode Synecdoche (Series episode 101; Season 5 episode 11) where you learn about other similar teams working for the Machine. It was a high note that left me feeling like the efforts of John and Finch were being seen outside of New York, the fight would continue. The other two episodes ended the series well enough, wrapping up the plot well and putting everything to bed. The series was at its height in season 2 but the sci-fi curve hit hard come season 3 and onward. It was time to end the season and it did so competently.

I’ve started watching Banshee. It’s pretty good and the fight scenes are really well done. I can see many folks getting miffed at the amount of sex but I mostly skip it since they tend to slow down the story most of the time. So far to date Californication has the best sex on TV because it seems more normal, raw, and absurd. Shows like Game of Thrones and Banshee are just hitting primal cords in out DNA when throw on some naked ladies with some writhing grunting man.

In theater Independence Day2 came out and it was fun like the last movie. Otherwise I’m waiting for the back end of summer flicks. Start Trek Beyond looks like a good way to burn a slow Sunday afternoon recovering from all the move and the long days at work. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie hit Lady Bear’s list of things to watch and I’ll probably go see it with her.

The weekend of the move the next Jason Bourne film is due out and I’m looking forward to see how the series continues. While I’m at GENCON, Suicide Squad will launch. The Mechanic: Resurrection looks like a worthy second kick at the can as the first movie failed to really grip my attention which is not good for an action film and the reboot of an old favorite of mine. Then nothing until October with the next Underworld, Ben Affleck’s film the Accountant, the second Jack Reacher, and Inferno with Tom Hank’s replaying Robert Langdon. Then it’s time for December and Start Wars.

Right now the Xbox 360 is packed up so the Mass Effect updates are on hold. Only the Xbox One is plugged in and I’m finally playing some Fallout 4 – which is going to be another whole post on its own. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is next on the block of games I really want to play. Dishonored 2 is next on my list. Titan Fall 2 looks promising with a campaign mode instead of just a multiplayer shooter. South Park: Fractured but Whole (get the pun there) is also on my very short list of video games that are coming out. Which is fine – I’ve got plenty to play.

That's it for me and updates. It's moving and looking forward to August where I'm not working 6 days of hours in a five day period. Quick and dirty.

- Cheers