27 Jul 2016

Feeling Old for the First Time

This morning at 0210 I woke up to pain in my foot. My foot has been all sorts of fucked up since Canada Day. I feel like I popped it out of place and it popped back in. Last week it was semi bruised and sensitive but otherwise much better... this weekend it got worse again and due to the trauma early in the month I had an acute arthritic reaction (so far as the Docs can tell) also known as Gout.

It's now 0900 I've been in the hospital since 0230 and I have an important meeting. I've cleaned up and waiting for Lady Bear who's been super awesome since I had to be driven to the hospital emergency room. She will be driving me to work so I can make the meeting, and then fuck off back home to finally get some fucking sleep.

If everything goes well I should be able to get back at the packing - cause this thing has been slowing me down since last Friday and I need to move this Saturday.

- Cheers