8 Jul 2016


I don't read the news until I get in every morning at work. I'm always behind the times, like some odd 1980's office drone who reads the paper in the morning before and while on the way to work.

I do so because of the extra software that runs on my PC takes some time to load up every morning and since most of my co-workers aren't in by 0600, the internet bandwidth is mine to hog for a few news articles.

Today I started reading about Dallas.

I could go on a rage about long gun ownership rights in the US but Peirce Morgan does it better than me when arguing with a man over Guns being safe but the child toy/candy combo Kinder Surprise is too deadly in the US (I'll post the video once I get home). I also know that this will be another outrage on pro control and pro gun rights - why would I start that here. I'm a nerd from another country simply watching.

I could go on about the social issues that rile the US with police shootings but I've already done so with two other posts. No point in starting that when plenty of other more qualified folks will be doing so in the coming hours.

I could say pray but hit up Samatha Bee and her opinion on that and it reflects much of my own on that topic.

I'm not going to talk about violence in the media, video games, or even my own hobbies - I'm the small voice and I'm not supportive of the simple scape goat of shaping of minds through fantasy violence without any other factor. You need more than a few hundred hours of Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield before you can go about killing folks with impunity. Grand Theft Auto and Warhammer do not make the whole of a human experience when regarding violence. It's disassociated but it's also only a single facet in the complete experience and that shard does not a killer make. Well I guess I did touch on the subject - sorry.

I'm going to continue being as honest as I can. I'm going to continue to encourage folks to not be dicks to each other, let alone be violent to each other. I'm going to hope the neighbours in the south fix their shit and if there is something I can do, I'll do my best to do that thing... yet I feel that thing will be simple and only a drop in the bucket of needed effort and change to fix the issues that plague my southern neighbour.

I wish folks well and I wish it to stop. It not how you get knocked down, it's how you get up and I hope the many communities of Dallas and throughout the Unite States find the best way to stand back up again.

- Peace Out.