22 Jun 2016

See you later WIN

Weekly Infinity Night shortened to WIN was originally Wednesday Infinity Night. I wanted WIN to be used for any day of the week instead of just the Wednesday that we played at my house basement aka the Lab.

The area was called the Lab because it was surrounded by books, terrain, minis, and sported the almost ten foot long workbench dedicated to the hobbies. There in the heart of the Lab we created things and experiments within our various hobbies. New Magic decks, Warmachine lists, miniature conversation, dedicated air brush space... the lab is awesome.

Will have been awesome...

I've mentioned before stuff is changing and so I reflect on how I got here and where to next.

WIN started with Operation: Ice Storm back in 2014 and has continued into the monster that it is today.

It was played on the original 6'x4' table, aka the Sergeant Table. Named as such because it was built by Mr. Sergeant who's sports the rank the three others have as a last name and three Senior NCO's of the Canadian Armed Forces: Yasha, Red, and myself. Bit of knowledge, in Canada Snr NCO only references those of the rank of Sergeant (or Petty Officer 2nd Class if you are a member of the Royal Canadian Navy). Warrant Officers and higher are grouped as Warrant Officers, not Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (Snr NCO).

As the year 2014 ended, 2015 was born and N3 was in full swing.

The Sgts Table was put aside (unfortunately it was recently destroyed - another story) and the current Cedar Table aka Table 2.0 was built by the original team under the experienced eye of Mr. Wolf who is the expert wood worker of the group.

Terrain was bought, built, and painted (some still being built and painted). The number of folks that showed up increased and we had regular nights with Ontos, Red, Yasha, Sergeant, Doc, Wolf, Dutchman, Pale Rider, Rocko, myself and the odd other guest.

At the height of WIN, we had a minimum of three games played a night from the hour of 1700 to 2100, while pairs of folks built, painted, and in general worked on their miniatures in the lab proper (aka the workbench). These included Privateer Press miniatures as well as Infinity miniatures. We also had the odd game of Magic the Gathering or simply a social gathering as folks got there minis ready for the next game.

Sadly that time is coming to an end.

The last WIN will be had in the Lab, today this day, 22 June, 3 days before the ITS event "Fuck the Plan" which will be the last of the great gathering around that same table. Actually it was canned due to work - but I'm keeping the wish alive in this post. It would have been nice... awe well. - Dozer

I see myself seeking out a single night a week playing with the Warmachine and Hordes community in Orleans at Kessel Run on Monday nights. Once I get settled I may even start hosting Infinity intro games as the fall scatters to the winds of winter and my ability (and desire) to travel long distances in my city vanishes. I also expect to be playing a bit more Magic as the time comes, getting into more games with Lady Bear and showing up for the odd game.

I expect to see more of Rocko much to his delight as he is the only one left from the original Orleans Crew who has yet to leave the east end of Ottawa. Mr. Sergeant lives in the core and has simply said that a regular night of gaming is a good thing and the distance west or east is almost the same - so he may take advantage of the shops proximity to the major transit routes. Lastly Doc is also on this end of town and he may show up at the shop too.

Things are changing, folks are closer and folks are farther out come August 2016. C'est la vie and folks - if life's not changing you may be doing it wrong.

- Cheers