7 Jun 2016

My Table needs a Safeword

2016 has now reached the halfway point of the year. I am about to move to a new location, loose the lab and table, and deal with changes to 17 years of my second job. Yet I feel like that's just life. It changes and you can't do anything about it - change and life go hand in hand. I feel safe saying that if life is not changing I'm probably doing it wrong.

Now outside of my table getting dismantled, the title above is ref to the abuse my table is taking this year.

Infinity has started up a storm with N3 the third edition of the game. Slick new books, streamlined rules, and sexy new 3D designed miniatures. We've been waiting for the second half of the game to get updated with the recent release of Human Sphere: N3.

Meanwhile as I set up my pre-order for HS:N3, Privateer Press drop their own bomb by releasing the third edition for Warmachine and Hordes to be released by the end of this very month. We're talking some major changes and a new direction for the IP.

Lastly Magic the Gathering is blowing up this year after a strong start with Shadows of Innistrad as a new standard for set design to finish with Eldritch Moon. On top of that we have the new Eternal Masters which is about to launch and the cards listed are all wanted. Conspiracy: Take the Crown is the follow up to very successful limited set Conspiracy that had plenty of fun and flavor for draft play. Come the fall we're getting  4 colour commanders for Commander 2016, which looks like to shake up the format. Last but not least another Magic: Anthologies set is being printed; Planechase Anthologies which will reprint every Planechase card printed allowing players like myself who was not playing during the original release of the Planechase cards to get into a very interesting format.

My table is going to get worn out with all of the above and that's not adding in MERCS 2.0 also getting released. My Kickstarter backer rewards coming in for Human Interface: Nakamura Tower, Scythe, Secret Hitler, Infinity RPG, and Endure the Stars. Plus all the fun with my fan made draft cube of Star Wars Magic the Gathering.

I have more toys than I have time to spend playing with them. All of which means, until we move, my table to going to get abused.

I feel like I've reached my max but that's ok. I feel like I'll be playing more Warmachine/Hordes at the local game shop while bringing some Infinity to the shop a few times a month. My Magic decks are coming along and I have enough decks to show up and play with mates on my off time. When I have down time, I'll have plenty to play and want for nothing...

Not bad for me but my table... that's another problem.

- Cheers