16 Jun 2016

"I could do this all day"

It seems like the world, or folks in the world, are attacking us - the majority. I'm making it very clear that the majority of folks on this world have enough 'good' in them to do right by their neighbours and fellow human beings. I emphasize that those who wish to do ill, those who do harm to the rest of the brothers and sisters of this world are of a minority. This could be argued and debated but I'll just give the largest piece of evidence to my assumption, my belief to you the reader.

Community. Humanity has a habit of bonding and generating social groups. This can only be done when folks gather together. Who support each other through necessity or simply a 'good' nature.

I will not define evil in this post. Evil and Good are too broad as terms to be fully defined within the scope of a single blog post from a fucker in Canada who has a hard time spelling words and making coherent sentences. Instead I will address some of the evidence of a slew of crimes, abhorrent behaviour, that are done by minorities. Understand me when I say these people who do these things, who treat their neighbour with such violence are the minority. I will not name these people, as they are still people but giving their name presence by taking up precious electricity and bits of information is a waste at this time and in this post.

As I draft this, the BBC just posted that MP Jo Cox was killed while meeting her constituents at a regular local gathering. The world at large is drowning in media coverage and reactions to the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida - where a person murdered 49 humans and held hostage many more before he was killed during a police action. 53 other humans had non-fatal injuries but I can only guess at the non-physical trauma they may suffer still. A few days ago I read the story of Saeni, a 53 year old woman who operates a small cafĂ© in Indonesia and was raided by a group of public order officers (not police but who help police) who confiscated her wares and means of earning her living.

I wanted to finish some posts that had gotten behind me due to my eyes giving me grief while they heal. Seems like I need sight to finish typing the posts I had drafted last week. Post about what's new in my hobbies, reactions to the E3 events, ways my life is changing with Yasha leaving the city and my moving into a new home with Leady Bear and our dog Moby. I write about being a nerd, sometimes I talk about things that piss me off, or I try to write about things that steal my interest.

This is practice for me to keep up and develop (more on the develop) a stronger writing style. A written voice that is wholly my own. I try to keep the soapbox at home. I am no internet demagogue, nor a preacher of human nature. I write and that means at times I share who I am. Few folks read this blog and that's ok. I do get surprised when the numbers spike but I think that's just some sort of false count from the various machinations that run the internet.

Yet drafting some sort of reply after a week of shitty news, I find myself unable to write about being happy or pensive about my interests. I also crushed my soapbox in frustration with recent events. There is no need for me to shout that these things are wrong - plenty are doing that with stronger voices and eloquent language. I don't need to add my blip of data to the noise of the internet... but I want to do something. I want to express something that shows how I feel because why the fuck not? In the end this blog post is about me and my feelings, my observations, my experiences.

I obviously don't like the above events - crimes, I need to use the right words. I don't like the crimes I've mentioned above. "I don't like bullies"... another quote from Movie Stephen Rogers but it has a place here. It's why I like the cinematic version of that character. It's his faith in people and his resilience and mental desire to continue when facing adversity, even superior adversity. I feel like I'm off topic back in my nerd realm - quoting comic characters on movie screens. Fiction, on fiction, on fiction when I writing about my feelings on the real world.

I feel that it's a normal reaction, retreating to a world that makes more sense. Where things are more clear... yet I've lived in this real world for 36 years now and I've seen quite a bit of it. I haven't been afraid of the ugly things, the less pleasant things that litter the world. Maybe the fiction expresses my feeling better, I don't feel like I'm retreating into fiction just using it to give me a clearer voice. I have another quote I love from that same character that I feel would be a good title to how I feel and what I want to say.

The world can be shitty sometimes, but it's up to us - as a community, be it family, coworkers, neighbours, etc. to make it better. It takes buying someone lunch, dropping a few quarters in the parking meter to prevent a ticket. It takes small acts of kindness, layered over each other to support the grander gestures of our whole.

Those gestures like the support given to the family of Christina Grimmie, who was murdered last Friday, by Adam Levine. He paid for the funeral and to have her body taken home to be with her family.

Gestures are acts - actions are something. Facta non verba "deeds not words", is how I feel folks should judge each other. Because they make something change, they make something happen.

Some folks give what they can, other's pray, some write... there are those who put on a uniform and stand up leaving family and home to join those who don't have to leave because 'it' is in their home... together they push back. Some teach in hopes they can educate someone to make better actions and avoid 'it', and learn to see 'it' for what 'it' is. Some gather people around them to create a united force - a community can be a force, to fight back against 'it'.

We are many and we have just as many actions to each of these 'it'.

What ever 'it' is... collectively our race, our world, we're still here. We will heal and survive. I believe we will help out more than we will hurt each other. As a collective, a community we can act, we can do better.

We can all do this all day.

- Peace