9 May 2016

Everything in May

With everything that has been going on offline my ability to keep the online posts running regularly was hampered. Both jobs have ramped up but lucky for me my second job, the one with the uniform will be shutting off for a few weeks. This last month of activity has been brutal with my second job and I’m looking at taking some time off getting all my Tuesday nights and weekends back until Mid July.

A few breaks with my primary job have started to show with all the madness so that’s changing but still level. I’ll be finishing my applications for my Master’s Degree soon and that will be another item off my plate.

This summer I have a few things on the go outside of the series of Projects I’ve been working on:

1. A huge BBQ (weather permitting) on 22 May.
2. A BBQ at Ferrus's log-house home on 28 May.
3. An ITS tournament event which I will be fully covering here. Looking like the weekend before Canada Day (25 June – also the opening weekend for the Independence Day sequel.)
4. Going to GENCON with Ontos

Updates after the break -

Firstly I’ve got another couple of posts for the Mass Effect 2 journals to complete. I came out strong recently but I’ve not touched the game for a while and I need to commit to a few hours each week to play and generate the journals. I also think I’ll be generating an XCOM 2 journal come the fall with Sergeant (logging and showing off our IRON MAN run though XCOM 2).

I’ve also got a possible deck to build in the backyard. This would go alongside the last shelving system for the lab making more room for all the finished terrain, everyone minis that need a place to stay, and the couple of Kickstarters that are soon about to finish.

I've also got a Draft Set of the fan made Magic the Gathering set of Star Wars. So there is a time for drafting that sucker ASAP with the Reds (who have their own set made as well).

PROJECT MILLSTONE: Charging Pun and I have hit a crossroads. Our efforts have increased and yet we’ve both been feeling like we are near an evaluation period where we assess the continuation of the Project. CP came up with a brilliant solution; while we work on our various pieces to the puzzle we will also generate the gameplay outside of the computer game in order to review our gameplay and mechanics.

PROJECT GET AWAY: Going well, we have the next session booked and we’re ready to go into another mission that will finish my intro arc. I’ve been given feedback and my product will be adjusted to support the suggestions. It’s the only way the game will get better. Everyone has a character specific miniature painted and ready for the next session and I’m excited to get into the adventure.

PROJECT SHORT STOP: I’ve made my adjustments and I’ll be submitting my piece this week – wish me luck!

PROJECT GREY MATTER: Is still on hold. I just don’t have the time with everything else. I have time for short impact projects but not large buckets of time. I’m hoping with the shut down of the second job as I get time away from home via camping , cottages, etc… I’ll be able to steal a few hours and plug in some time into what I have and what I’m ready to work on next.

PROJECT WAR ZONE: The terrain is coming along well. I’ve got most of my terrain based. I’ve almost finished my Aragoto Garage (maybe even tonight), my ghetto buildings from Imputnat Mortal and my L-Habs from Zen Terrain are next. Following their simple completion is the Biker Bar with interior and the Shipping Building Dice tower (both also Zen Terrain). In between I have some smaller pieces to work on – barricades, second dice tower, and the small scatter terrain. Lastly I need to finish the details of my Warsenal cargo containers and start my IKRPG buildings that are on the way as this post goes up. I’m now terrain flush with only a train set to order from Terrakami to complete my tables for the foreseeable future.

PROJECT PUPPET MASTER: This is a new project that I’m making mention. It’s one of a few more projects I’ve been working on but have not mentioned alongside the rest above. PUPPET MASTER is a miniature game project. Right now I’ve got the setting treatment and gameplay breakdown completed. I’m sorting out the various miniatures (rules – not construction… that’s a skill set I don’t have) and the main mechanics. I have a neat deployment phase on paper and my home brew solo tests in the lab have proven to make sense. I also have a unique initiative and order pool mechanic that is showing to be the best feature of the game.

That's all for now.

- Cheers