27 May 2016

Week's been crazy

Well it’s been a crazy week at work.

My day job has been a week of crazy days of starting at 6am/0600 and working until 4pm/1600. Add in WIN, life, rest oh and car shopping with Lady Bear. Yepper she’s got herself a new car to help out with our new move.

Yep, we’re moving.

I’ve posted here before that we have 13 months to move out and find a new place. That means no more Lab. No more 8x4 gaming table with another 6x4 on the side. No more heavy bag in the morning. No more Heinz (unless I can fit him in the small yard of the new place). We had two guest rooms… well Lady Bear’s office and a guest room. We had plenty of couches, cots, and air mattresses. We had plenty of parking 3 SUVs or 4 cars in kissing distance of each other plus more room on the street.

Our kitchen sucked and we only have 1 toilet for the house. With my guts there are times we needed a second. The air quality was better than our old 2 bedroom wasp infested flat but it was still an old house which housed a horde of cats and a back yard of dogs.  We’re talking in the double digits here. So the vents and air system were a bit… dirty.

So we’re moving…

With all of this my posts will be irregular as we move forward to the new place. I will update once a week minimum (that’s the plan) more so when we get some down time. I've already started to plan and pack my things. The winter stuff will be easy to pack and deal with right now and I’ll be slowly packing the stuff I’m not using through the summer.

I've already started to price out storage systems for the terrain, tools, and kit I need to bring over. I feel like the tools will be loaded in a tool crib of sorts or some site tool box. The terrain will be loaded in storage bins. This will be a chore as I find a set that will accommodate my terrain, stack well, not take up too much space, and still allow me to move it to a game store to play Infinity at the local game shop – in this case Kessel Run.

I will not have regular access to my airbrush and as such using it will be the odd event. It might even be used somewhere else. A painting station will need to be mobile and it may be time to move up to a full tool box for all my paint supplies. I figure I’ll be painting beside Lady Bear while she’s watching TV or playing Puzzle Quest 2 (yes she still plays that).

I figure Magic the Gathering will be more of a thing alongside Warmahordes which are both strongly represented at Kessel Run. So I expect those games to take up more room on this media and less on Infinity. Maybe I’ll get my Batman minis done if there is a group playing that close by. I will not be starting a new game – maybe Bushido because the minis are slick and the game mechanics are neat.

Social events will be more about us visiting folks instead of folks coming to us. Meh that`s part of the change. We no longer have the ability to host large events or have whole clans of out of town guests.

My work will be more time in the car, so I need to sort out my audio selection for podcasts and music as my commute went from 5 min drive, 15 bike and 35 min walk to 30 min drive… on a good day. Winter is going to suck balls. Lady Bear`s trip home will be a bit longer but she'll now have a car to get around for post work activities.

The rest of the Bear Clan is nearby… The 3 Bears – my younger sibling Brother Bear, his wife Sister Bear, and the wee Baby Bear are all now only 20 mins by car. My parents are only down the road. Lady Bear's folks are moving in the area once they sell their house so they will be close as well.

It`s a change but it allows for us to move a bit more safely and quickly towards the cottage.

Next week I get lazer eyes and I'll be away from the screen. I may have the Lady Bear post some updates on what's going on. If I do get some screen time it will be for playing games since I don't think I'll be able to do much else once the eyes are able to take in the light.

I'll close out with my current favorite joke.

There are two types of people in the world.
The first are those who can interpret data from incomplete information.

- Cheers